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TruPrint 1000 – compact and robust 3D printing
TruPrint 1000 – compact and robust 3D printing
3D printing systems

TruPrint 1000

Compact and robust 3D printing

3D printing systems

TruPrint 1000

Increased productivity with the multilaser option

3D printing systems

TruPrint 1000

Laser metal fusion (LMF)

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    Laser metal fusion for complex, metallic components

    The TruPrint 1000 offers you all the benefits of additive manufacturing. It can be used to create components in almost any geometric shape. Even complex shapes can be quickly and easily converted from the CAD design to a 3D metallic component – and with top quality. You can use the TruPrint 1000 for the generative production of small industrial single parts and series. With the multilaser option, you can also achieve an increase in productivity of up to 80% and the utmost flexibility when processing customer orders.

    Simple and intuitive operation

    The TruPrint 1000 offers quick installation, ergonomic handling, and an intuitive touchscreen.

    High process speed

    The recoating system enables powder coating and laser exposure partly in parallel.

    Maximum productivity

    For up to 80% more parts in the same time with the multilaser option

    Mobile operation and monitoring

    With an app, you can operate and monitor the TruPrint 1000 flexibly using a tablet.

    Quick worldwide support

    In the event of technical issues, you can get fast responses via Teleservice and Visual Online Support (VOS).

    Can be individually adapted

    Choose the right package from industry-specific optional packages.

    Multilaser option for increased productivity, TruPrint 1000
    TruPrint 1000 with multilaser option

    Take advantage of the multilaser option to maximize your productivity! Two 200 W TRUMPF fiber lasers simultaneously scan the build area and generate up to 80% more parts in the same time with the utmost flexibility. As such, you can ensure that parts are available more quickly and maximize flexibility when processing customer orders.

    Innovative recoating system of the TruPrint 1000
    Innovative recoating system for high process speed

    The TruPrint 1000 coordinates powder coating and laser exposure partly in parallel. The tilting recoater accelerates the powder application process and reduces non-productive time to a minimum, which enables higher process speeds. The coater component with an X profile ensures an optimal powder coating and a reliable, robust process.

    TruPrint 1000 with integrated TRUMPF fiber laser
    Powerful TRUMPF laser

    The TruPrint 1000 is fitted with a 209 W fiber laser from TRUMPF with a wavelength of around 1,070 nm.

    Dental product produced with the TruPrint 1000


    You can use the TruPrint 1000 to manufacture cost-effective and high-quality customized dental products, such as crowns or implants with cobalt-chromium.

    Impeller prototype produced with the TruPrint 1000

    Prototype construction

    You can use the TruPrint 1000 to quickly produce prototypes such as this impeller for automotive manufacture. Optimizations, in this case for flow conditions, can be implemented quickly and easily at any time and the prototype can be adapted.

    Energy and turbine

    Additive manufacturing enables the flexible production of components without using tools, for example this burner head.

    TruPrint 1000
    Build volume (cylinder) Diameter 100 mm x 100 mm Height 1
    Processable raw materials Schweißbare Metalle in Pulverform, wie z.B.: Edelstähle, Werkzeugstähle, Aluminium-[2], Nickelbasis-, Kobalt-Chrom-, Kupfer-, Titan oder Edelmetall- Legierungen 2 3
    Laser source Fiber laser 200 W 4
    Beam diameter 55 μm 5
    Layer thickness 10 - 50 μm
    Build-up rate 2 - 18 cm³/h 6
    Connection and consumption  
    Electrical connection (voltage) 230 V
    Electrical connection (current intensity) 7 A
    Electrical connection (frequency) 50/60 Hz
    Shielding gas Nitrogen, argon
    O2 concentration Bis zu 3.000 (0,3 %)
    Structural design  
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 1445 mm x 1680 mm x 730 mm 7
    Weight 650 kg
    PDF <1MB
    Technical data sheet

    The technical data of all product versions as a download.

    You can equip the TruPrint 1000 with corresponding options to suit the technical requirements of you application. In addition to the multilaser option you can choose from four tailor-made packages for different sectors.

    Multilaser option

    Increase your productivity with the multilaser option! Two TRUMPF fiber lasers, each with an output of 200 W, simultaneously scan the build area and generate up to 80% more parts in the same time with the utmost flexibility. As such, you can ensure that parts are available more quickly and maximize flexibility when processing customer orders.

    Industrial package

    The TruPrint 1000 industrial package is tailored to meet the stringent demands of industrial companies. It enables safe processing of a wide range of materials. The package includes the options of the 50 ppm oxygen sensor and the glove box, for which the classic process chamber doors are replaced by a door containing glove ports. This means that components can be unpacked in a shield gas atmosphere.

    Lab package

    The TruPrint 1000 lab package provides the utmost flexibility for research and development facilities, for example in material development. In addition to the technical options of the 50 ppm oxygen sensor and glove box, this package also includes a microfilter in the gas circulation, as well as preparation for interchangeable cylinders.

    Dental package

    The TruPrint 1000 dental package enables licensed and cost-effective production of customized dental products, such as crowns or implants. This optional package directly includes the license for manufacturing dental products.

    Jewelry package

    The TruPrint 1000 jewelry package provides you with the optimal components for the delicate work with precious metals in jewelry making. In addition to preparation for interchangeable cylinders, which increases machine availability and adapts the powder application to suit the component geometry, this package also includes a focal diameter of 30 µm as standard. This improves surface quality as well as the irradiance of the laser, which means that finer structures can be produced.

    TruTops Print with Siemens NX software package

    At the beginning of the process chain for additive manufacturing is the preparation of data for the 3D design and production program. As a development partner of Siemens, for the first time TRUMPF is offering a consistent software solution with a standard user interface without interruptions in the system with the "TruTops Print with Siemens NX" software package. The intelligent process chain of the software solution offers a high level of process reliability, as the tools for the development, simulation, 3D printing, and NC programming for metal parts are integrated in a single system, meaning it is no longer necessary to convert in STL. The TRUMPF build processor is also integrated in the software package for slicing and hatching the build jobs, as well as for parameter management. Save on time and costs with a clear workflow.

    TRUMPF Monitoringlösungen

    Monitoring solutions for your additive manufacturing

    The intelligent monitoring solutions from TRUMPF enable you to monitor and analyze the LMF process on the TruPrint machines. The range includes solutions for process, condition, and performance monitoring. This provides you with transparency across all your machinery and allows you to archive your key figures easily in addition to the remote access option.

    TRUMPF metal powder for additive manufacturing

    The right powder for your application

    A wide range of materials are used for 3D printing of metal parts. Different materials involve different requirements for the machine. With TRUMPF, you can obtain the machine and quality-approved powder directly from a single source. You can therefore be sure that the powder is the best match for use in the TruPrint 1000. TRUMPF also offers the appropriate parameter blocks and substrate plates for the powders on offer. You therefore receive a complete solution. The range includes, for example, powders from the areas of stainless steel, tool steel, cobalt-chromium, titanium, precious metals, and bronze.

    This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

    • Optional: assembly space cladding
    • Available with optional packages
    • The exact availability of materials and their parameters on request.
    • Optional: Multilaser 2 x 200 W
    • Optional: 30 µm
    • The actual build-up rate consisting of illumination and coating. Depending upon the configuration of the system, the process parameters, material and fill level.
    • incl. filter

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