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The TruLaser Center 7030 – leaves behind the fundamental principle of laser processing

High process reliability or high productivity? The TruLaser Center 7030 is the first solution to resolve this classic conflict in laser processing. The full-service machine takes care of the entire laser processing workflow, from the drawing to the sorted part. Reliability is guaranteed with this machine as a result of the integrated intelligent systems, for example SmartGate, SmartLift, and SortMaster Speed. If you need speed and groundbreaking productivity, look no further than the innovative machine concept with additional axis and superimposed axis movements. With its perfect interaction between the components, the machine offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness.



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TruLaser Center 7030 brochure

Profitable overall system

Anyone who wants to optimize laser cutting costs needs to look at the overall process. This is why we created the TruLaser Center 7030. We scrutinized and redesigned all components and integrated them in a single machine. You benefit from drastic reductions in throughput time and processing costs, enabling you to maximize the cost-effectiveness of your laser processing workflow, from the drawing to the sorted part. When compared against a classic automated solid-state laser machine, the TruLaser Center 7030 saves an average of 53% in throughput time and 30% in costs per sheet.

All the processing steps integrated in one machine

Auftrag programmieren

Programming an order

At the touch of a button, the TruTops Boost programming system performs a fully automatic calculation for a comprehensive proposal for the cutting, removal, sorting, and depositing of your parts.

Rohtafeln beladen

Loading raw sheets

The loading cart can be loaded with raw sheets parallel to production. The LoadMaster Center places the raw sheets onto the brush table and into the clamping unit. Powerful peeler technologies reliably separate the sheet metal from the stack.

Teile schneiden

Cutting parts

The clamping unit moves the sheet in the Y direction, the cutting unit processes it in the X direction and also in the Y direction using a highly dynamic additional axis. The SmartGate assists the cutting process.

Teile und Schrott ausschleusen

Removing parts and scrap

The intelligent SmartGate reliably removes punching slugs, scrap, and small parts. The sorting flap separates the finished parts from the scrap. Finished parts are sorted into up to eight containers. The scrap and punching slugs fall into a slag cart.

Teile gestapelt entladen

Unloading parts onto stacks

The SmartLift uses its pins to press parts from the scrap skeleton. The finely structured suction plates of the SortMaster Speed remove the cut parts, and sort and stack them on the parts deposit. The suction plates and pins prevent the parts from tilting.

Gutteile entladen

Unloading finished parts

The parts are removed from the machine, sorted and stacked parallel to production.

Restgitter entladen

Unloading the scrap skeleton

The clamping unit unloads the scrap skeleton onto the scrap skeleton cart. A forklift truck can empty this unrushed while the machine is operating.

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Intelligent innovations: perfectly combined for your success

Optimal dynamics because of the combined movement of the sheet and cutting head.

The LoadMaster Center loads raw sheets quickly and reliably.

Parts are fixed between the ejector cylinder and the SmartGate and are therefore, removed with process reliability.

The SmartGate intelligently removes punching slugs and scrap in seconds.

The combination of SortMaster Speed and SmartLift provides part removal with process reliability.

With its small suction cups, the SortMaster Speed stacks even the most intricate of parts in record time.

The Touchpoint user interface enables an intuitive dialog with the machine.

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You can find out more in the following videos

Make short work of your laser production.

This is how the revolutionary laser innovation works.

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Highly dynamic cutting

Perfectly combined for top dynamics

In contrast to traditional 2D laser processing machines, on the TruLaser Center 7030 both the cutting head and the sheet metal move. The additional axis on the cutting head enables the machine to achieve first-rate cutting dynamics. This means that you can cut corners and complex contours at high speeds. This highly dynamic combination makes full use of the high feed rates of the solid-state laser.

The heart of the machine: SmartGate

The SmartGate discharges small parts into up to eight containers. Punching slugs and scrap fall into a slag cart. The intelligent SmartGate control and sensor system ensure that the part removal process causes minimal disruption to the cutting process.  It is your key for maximum throughput.

The fastest unloading solution in the market: SortMaster Speed

The SortMaster Speed perfectly stacks parts at lightning speed onto up to eight pallets. As soon as the SortMaster Speed takes the part, the machine continues cutting. The parts are transported to the deposit position parallel to production, which minimizes the disruption to the process.

You can find out more in the following videos

Intelligent part support in action.

Experience the fastest and most flexible unloading solution on the market.

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Reliable cutting and removal

Full part support: SmartGate

The SmartGate forms the heart of the machine. Together with the brush tables, the SmartGate prevents tilting and unwanted welding of parts. The intelligent support moves along with the cutting head, thus offering comprehensive part support. The ejector cylinder automatically finds the best point for every part geometry to push the part out of the scrap skeleton. In the process, the part is fixed between the ejector cylinder and SmartGate and removed downward from the scrap skeleton in a guided movement. The SmartGate then opens and a sorting flap transports the part into one of the containers without affecting process reliability.

Perfect part removal: SmartLift & SortMaster Speed

Stacking onto pallets also runs smoothly. The dream team, comprised of SmartLift and SortMaster Speed, is currently the fastest and most flexible automation solution in the market. The cut parts are pressed against the suction plate from below by the SmartLift pins, which can be positioned with flexibility. At the same time, the suction plate of the SortMaster Speed fixes the part from above. Fixed in this way, the part is taken out of the scrap skeleton by a synchronous lifting movement. As such, the part is securely held and cannot tilt in the hole. The SortMaster Speed suction cups provide the required flexibility – with a diameter of 0.35 in., they can hold and stack even intricate parts.

You can find out more in the following videos

Intelligent part support in action.

Experience the fastest and most flexible unloading solution on the market.

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Easily programmed automated procedures

The TruTops Boost programming system automatically creates a proposal not only for the cutting, but also for the removal, sorting, and depositing of your parts. It can even take into account the laws of physics, for example, how to best press the part out of the scrap skeleton so that it does not tilt. This feature is one of a kind worldwide.

Intelligent separation of finished parts and scrap

A sorting flap can distinguish finished parts from scrap and therefore, reliably separates the two. The SortMaster Box Linear sorting unit distributes small parts into up to eight containers parallel to production. The containers are intelligently assigned by the software program.

Independent processes: Unattended operation and plannable work

The processing cell works reliably in unattended shifts. It loads and unloads independently and indicates when the operator is needed again. As a result, they can plan their work at the machine better, and gain time for other tasks. Waiting times, manual sorting, and rework are a thing of the past.