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Easily programmed automated procedures

The TruTops Boost programming system automatically creates a proposal not only for the cutting, but also for the removal, sorting, and depositing of your parts. It can even take into account the laws of physics, for example, how to best press the part out of the scrap skeleton so that it does not tilt. This feature is one of a kind worldwide.

Intelligent separation of finished parts and scrap

A sorting flap can distinguish finished parts from scrap and therefore, reliably separates the two. The SortMaster Box Linear sorting unit distributes small parts into up to eight containers parallel to production. The containers are intelligently assigned by the software program.

Independent processes: Unattended operation and plannable work

The processing cell works reliably in unattended shifts. It loads and unloads independently and indicates when the operator is needed again. As a result, they can plan their work at the machine better, and gain time for other tasks. Waiting times, manual sorting, and rework are a thing of the past.