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Reliable cutting and removal

Full part support: SmartGate

The SmartGate forms the heart of the machine. Together with the brush tables, the SmartGate prevents tilting and unwanted welding of parts. The intelligent support moves along with the cutting head, thus offering comprehensive part support. The ejector cylinder automatically finds the best point for every part geometry to push the part out of the scrap skeleton. In the process, the part is fixed between the ejector cylinder and SmartGate and removed downward from the scrap skeleton in a guided movement. The SmartGate then opens and a sorting flap transports the part into one of the containers without affecting process reliability.

Perfect part removal: SmartLift & SortMaster Speed

Stacking onto pallets also runs smoothly. The dream team, comprised of SmartLift and SortMaster Speed, is currently the fastest and most flexible automation solution in the market. The cut parts are pressed against the suction plate from below by the SmartLift pins, which can be positioned with flexibility. At the same time, the suction plate of the SortMaster Speed fixes the part from above. Fixed in this way, the part is taken out of the scrap skeleton by a synchronous lifting movement. As such, the part is securely held and cannot tilt in the hole. The SortMaster Speed suction cups provide the required flexibility – with a diameter of 0.35 in., they can hold and stack even intricate parts.

You can find out more in the following videos

Intelligent part support in action.

Experience the fastest and most flexible unloading solution on the market.

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