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Choosing the right partner has never been so easy: laser tube cutting with TRUMPF

As an experienced specialist, you know what really counts when it comes to laser tube cutting – you need robust, sophisticated technology, perfectly coordinated components, and a service network that is always accessible. The fact that the machine, laser, software, and all automation components are developed in-house goes without saying for us. Benefit from verified technology and cutting data and advisory services concerning part design. You can also use TRUMPF's expertise, decades of experience, and process knowledge to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

This is what our customers say

From turbo-charged cutting to a sense of freedom – tube processing taken one step further

Open machine concept for top accessibility

The first association people have with a convertible with the roof down is freedom. The same is true for the unique open machine concept for TruLaser Tube machines. Loading and unloading can be carried out from practically any side due to the machine's good level of accessibility. Enjoy your new-found freedom!

Integrate subsequent processes – with the technology package for tapping

You have the choice – you can insert a variety of tools for tapping threads into the standardized tool adapter. The fact that the tapping unit is integrated into the machine directly next to the laser cutting head saves time and money. This is because parts no longer have to be transported from one machine to the next.

There's fast. There's faster. And then there's RapidCut

Get started with turbo-charged cutting! With RapidCut, the high feed rates of your solid-state laser have an impact, even on smaller contours. The combined movement of the tube axis and the cutting head more than quadruple the dynamics of your machine. This means a massive advantage in productivity, particularly in thin material.

A cut above the rest. High-quality bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees

With high-quality bevel cuts, you can expand your range of parts in mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. You also benefit from completely new design options. This allows you to avoid subsequent processes such as preparing welding edges or chamfering.

Get a load of this – fully automated loading with smart profile detection

Loading special formats and unusual geometries manually? Not with smart profile detection. The innovation from TRUMPF simplifies fully automatic laser tube cutting. With its help, you can now even load profiles with special formats automatically – this previously wasn't possible due to their geometry.

Curious? Find out more about intelligent functions that make your work easier!

Get comprehensive advice from our product experts. As a market and technology leader in laser technology and the machine tool industry, we are the trendsetter in the market – and are therefore your perfect partner when it comes to laser tube cutting.

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The origin of TruLaser Tube machines

The Swabian Jura in Germany is where everything comes together. It is a holiday region that is affectionately sometimes also called the "Blue Belt". TRUMPF's impressive vertical range of manufacturing is tangible here. This is because all components needed to build a laser tube cutting machine reach final assembly here. In this hustle and bustle, trucks deliver parts from surrounding sites, day in, day out. These parts are needed to be able to finally deliver the finished machine.

May we present your future machines for laser tube cutting

How can you cut tubes with a laser more successful?

As a precursor to your success, we do one thing above all else: listening well. The requirements of our customers can be found in many innovative functions and unique machine concepts. Please answer a few questions so that we can also provide you with solution-oriented and personal advice.
How many tonnes of unprocessed material would you like to process on a monthly basis?

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Comprehensive advice – get the complete package from TRUMPF

We will accompany you on your path into networked production

Real success stories. Real people. Real tube solutions.

Enough with the theory. Are you curious about how our machines prove themselves in everyday use? We anticipate that many of your competitors in the market are already using numerous options, such as RapidCut, bevel cutting, and tapping units to stay one step ahead in the future, too. This is because it's always possible to make things a little bit quicker, more precise – and often easier.

Whether it's small villages or big cities, tubes are used everywhere. Designs made from tubes and profiles are ubiquitous

Tubes are a fixture of our everyday lives:

From robust frame constructions for buses and agricultural machinery, delicate designer furniture and lamps to complex systems made from tubes in mechanical engineering and system construction – you can find tube designs that have been processed using lasers everywhere. No wonder – because there are few tools that can be used with such flexibility and offer so much contour freedom. Innovative products made from laser-cut tubes are already being used successfully – in the furniture industry, construction industry, automotive industry, commercial vehicles and transport, mechanical engineering, system construction, the agricultural sector, the fitness industry, and air-conditioning and energy technology.


Higher machine productivity
with RapidCut

Become more productive. Get started with turbo-charged cutting now.


Lower throughput time
with laser tube cutting

Become quicker. Compared with conventional tube processing, you halve the throughput time of part production with TRUMPF.


Lower part costs
with laser tube cutting

Be more cost-effective. Save a third in part costs compared with conventional tube processing.

Tubes prefer TRUMPF – for your success when it comes to tubes

Use our decades of expertise in tube processing for your success. As your partner, we will support you in all upstream and downstream processes.