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Xchange – the quality promise for genuine parts

Genuine parts from TRUMPF meet the highest quality requirements. For many high-value spare parts, Xchange ensures high credit note refunds for replacements even long after the purchase.

Xchange – the quality promise for genuine parts

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  • High credit note refunds for more than 5,000 high-value genuine parts
  • Long periods for which credit notes are issued – four or even ten years depending on the spare part
  • Easy part recognition with the logo on the box and a note in the shipping documents

How do I know which parts are Xchange parts?

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Xchange applies to more than 5,000 spare parts. When buying a spare part, just look out for the Xchange logo on the box and the note in your shipping documents.

How does Xchange work?

Depending on the spare part, the time period covered by Xchange is four or even ten years. Following the return and verification of a replaced Xchange spare part, you will be provided with a credit note for your replacement order. The credit note amount depends on the age of the replaced part. In the third year, for example, you will be credited with 50% of the value for your replacement order.

What happens to the replaced Xchange parts?

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Many replaced spare parts are fully reusable after a thorough general overhaul. With a price reduction of up to 30%, they serve, when available, as a favorable alternative to a new part. And it goes without saying that they fulfill the same high quality requirements as all of our genuine parts – and share the same Xchange coverage as new parts.

Spare parts that cannot be refurbished are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

For which spare parts does Xchange not apply?

The following are excluded: Consumables, laser light cables and their optics, complete assemblies, customized spare parts, and parts damaged by customer error.

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