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Consultation on additive manufacturing | TRUMPF

Consultation on additive manufacturing

Be it about getting started with technology, appropriate components, or production optimization – with TRUMPF additive manufacturing you can always count on expert advice. Our sophisticated concepts allow you to be able to implement new methods and to successfully increase the potential of additive manufacturing as quickly as possible. Become more cost-effective, more efficient, and achieve higher levels of quality – we're with you every step of the way.

Discover opportunities

Together we will identify the areas in which you can benefit from additive manufacturing.

Just get started

We make getting started with technology easier for you with innovative tools and methods.

Quickly increase your expertise

We provide you with the skills to use the advantages of additive manufacturing to their full potential.

Meet targets efficiently

Benefit from our deep understanding of machine and the entire process in the long run.

Our consultation services for you

Potential analysis: discover new opportunities in the company

Additive manufacturing offers numerous advantages which other production processes can only achieve with great difficulty, or not at all. It's often difficult to identify the opportunities for application, where these benefits come into play, and address them correctly.

Are you already aware of the potential that additive manufacturing can bring to your company?

Using our potential analysis, we help you in identifying application fields and advantages which can be achieved through implementing additive manufacturing. Among other things, our experts will determine your AM readiness level, and prepare you to successfully make a start in the technology.

Parts identification: effectively find the appropriate components

Identifying the right components is a basic requirement for the success of additive manufacturing in the metal industry. It is not necessarily enough to have knowledge about the general advantages and application possibilities.

Do you know which parts are suitable for 3D metal printing in your company?

Our consultation offer on parts identification will expertly guide you to the answer to this question. We support you in a purposeful manner with tried-and-tested tools during the sorting, evaluation, and selection of suitable components from your portfolio. Our consultants will also provide you with methods you can use to build the expertise for independent parts identification in your company in the long term.

Component design: optimized designing for 3D printing

To truly be able to use the advantages of additive manufacturing to the fullest extent, even the design has to be rethought. In this regard, it is advantageous to be prepared to explore new horizons.

Would you like to learn how the design of your components could be optimized for 3D metal printing? 

From the initial idea and design to the finished component – with our component design consultation you benefit from the sophisticated approaches of our experts, and quickly expand your own designing skills for the long-term. We will provide you with the skills to optimize your components on your own, or to design components for 3D metal processing from the very beginning. This ensures you are always in a position to take full advantage of the potential of additive manufacturing through application of newly learned expertise.

Application consultation: customized application support

When choosing a TruPrint system, it also essential to understand how your specific components can be produced especially cost-effectively and productively.

Have you ever wondered how you could optimize the data preparation of your components or your process parameters?

During our application consultation we will answer questions such as this directly at your system – in the real production environment. Our experts work with you to develop tailored solutions for your specific application. We will provide detailed advice on how to handle data preparation software and specific materials, to achieve optimal results. We'll always keep the entire production process in mind when doing so. We will also support you in regards to handling metal powders or optimal post-processing of your component. Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our experts, and produce high-quality, cost-optimized components.

Would you like to use your TruPrint systems to manufacture products in an environment subject to certification requirements?

Our experts will accompany you in preparing your systems for a certified production environment, i.e. during installation and commissioning. But that's not all: we'll even be by your side during operation as well as the maintenance of certifications, through corresponding maintenance and repairs services. 

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