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TruConnect. Your Smart Factory.

Regardless of whether you have already made great strides into your company's networked future or are still at the beginning - the goal is clear: to be fit for constantly increasing complexity and decreasing lot sizes in sheet metal processing. With a strong, expert partner at your side, the path will be easier for you. Whether you are a pioneer or a beginner - we will accompany you. With our innovative TruConnect solutions range, you implement you smart factory step by step. No two paths are alike, because TruConnect combines individual components into individual solutions for you.

80 %

of the processing time
is taken up by indirect processes. It is here that the greatest processing time optimization potential can be found.

50 %

of all orders
of all orders have a lot size of four or fewer parts, according to the industry average.

1 %

typical ratio
of the processing time to the throughput time – in a non-digitally-networked production environment

Step-by-step adaptation: Get advice!

We will accompany you on the path to the networked future
What potential does networking have for you? What could your path to networked production look like? No matter whether you want to start simply, adapt step-by-step or network completely - with our consulting services you will find the optimal solution for every situation.

Find out more

What is a Smart Factory?

Geschichte der Vernetzten Fertigung

The working world is becoming more digitized

We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the digital transformation. It is fundamentally changing our lives and our working world, including sheet metal processing. The advantage of Industry 4.0 is that new networking solutions are created every day, which offer enormous optimization potential. They combine different components within one production process and beyond. The factory of the future optimizes processes in a sustainable manner and drastically shortens processes. How do you shape your path to networked production?

Warum vernetzt fertigen?

Increasing individualization: A trend toward smaller lot sizes

Increasing individualization is changing the industry. Large lot sizes were yesterday. Today, variance is increasing while lot sizes are decreasing. This results in many different orders with small quantities. However, the effort for upstream and downstream work steps remains the same for many companies. In fact, indirect processes account for about 80% of manufacturing time. This is where the highest optimization potential lies. TruConnect helps you to optimize indirect processes. The Smart Factory advantage for you: networked manufacturing enables you to produce even small lot sizes profitably. So even small orders are profitable again.

What is Industry 4.0?

KeyVisual TruConnect
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is fundamentally changing our lives and our working world

In the Internet of Things (IoT), everything communicates with everything. Without networking everything possible, modern production would also be unthinkable. This is because decreasing lot sizes and increasing order complexity are fundamentally changing the demands on manufacturing companies. Industry 4.0 digitally networks your production and thus dramatically optimizes your processes. This gives you a lot of freedom; you see more, know more and get the best out of your production. With TruConnect, you open up a modular solutions range for the actual implementation of Industry 4.0. With this concept, you can make your production fit for the new market requirements of these times. Take command!

Discover your optimization potential

Horizontale Vernetzung Smart Factory

Networking machines with each other
Everything in the flow: machines and components communicate with each other via sensors and codes. Software applications collect this data and optimize your processes.

Vertikale Vernetzung Smart Factory

Optimizing machines and laser systems
Use sensor data from your Smart Factory and optimize your machines and lasers throughout the entire product life cycle.

Already fully networked today: experience our demo factory in Chicago

Bäume vor der Smart Factory in Chicago

Less theory, more practice - Take a look at the first completely networked Smart Factory! TRUMPF opened a new technology center in Chicago in September 2017 as a pioneer of Industry 4.0. The factory demonstrates intelligent interaction of people, machines, automation and software.

Network our products for an overall solution

Machines, systems, lasers

You want to expand your Smart Factory? No matter which system or laser you are using, you can find out here what you need to know about our portfolio.


From customer inquiry to delivery of the finished part - TRUMPF's modular software solutions help you optimize your entire production process.

Automation solutions

Lay the foundation for efficient material flow with our physical networking solutions. This way you will be well equipped for a successful and economic future.


As a partner, we support you with customized services and service packages to increase the performance of your production according to your requirements.

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TRUMPF Services Konstruktions- und Programmiersoftware Keyvisual

Our software portfolio enables you to come to grips with the entire production process, reduce costs, and maximize cost-effectiveness, even when producing small quantities.


TRUMPF founded AXOOM GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany, as a digital business platform for Industry 4.0 in production.

Keyvisual Services

TRUMPF Services works as your partner to support you with solutions and service packages tailored to your needs, so that your production is always optimized.


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