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First step, big impact

Being able to produce faster and more flexibly – that was the declared objective of the Brandenburg-based job shop, FBT Feinblechtechnik. The solution – gradually adapting their production to Industry 4.0 standards. Together with TruConnect experts, FBT analyzed all process steps and inferred measures for optimization from this. The initial results? Impressive!


Throughput time

Was saved by introducing a production, planning, and control system.



Are employed at FBT.

24-48 h

Period of completion

Can be ensured by optimizing production.

Measurable success after just one year

FBT Feinblechtechnik is a flexible job shop in the sheet metal processing industry. With its machinery in Brandenburg, the company focuses on laser cut parts, edge parts and welded assemblies made from stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass of up to 5 mm. In order to be able to react more flexibly to customer orders and produce more quickly in the future, FBT dared to take the first step towards a Smart Factory with TRUMPF as their partner – with measureable successes.

FBT Feinblechtechnik profile


From the initial idea and the assembly of individual parts to a series – FBT Feinblechtechnik produces high-quality parts for mechanical engineering, the electrical industry, rail vehicle technology, medical technology, the chemical industry, equipment engineering, as well as appliance, container, and system construction.

Year of founding

The job shop was founded in 1948 in Berlin and has been called FBT Feinblechtechnik since 2016.

Company size

The job shop has 10 employees.


FBT Feinblechtechnik uses products including the TruLaser 3030 fiber 2D laser cutting machine and the TruBend 5130 bending machine from TRUMPF in their machinery.

Insights into production

Increased productivity in three steps

1st step: Analyzing where the problems are

The TruConnect experts examine all process steps in the machinery system – from the request, sales order confirmation, work preparation and programming to goods dispatch. The central question here is who does what in which system? TRUMPF models the workflow based on a typical part. Working backwards from shipping, you can identify the flow of information and material between the individual work steps. FBT's initial focus was being able to react more quickly to customers' requirements.

2nd step: Finding out what has to change

The first optimization measure was quickly identified for FBT – a new hall layout should ensure an optimum process flow. This "lean management" means designing processes so that they run with as little waste as possible, i.e. cutting transit times or eliminating searching times. This is because TruConnect experts know that order is the basis for future networking and the first step towards a Smart Factory.

3rd step: Addressing what is networked

Helping people to help themselves is the focus of TRUMPF consultation. This means that the TruConnect consultants suggest solutions that they investigate, discuss, further develop and ultimately implement together with the customer. In practical terms this means that FBT sold machines that no longer fit into the production profile or that were too old in order to free up space. FBT placed other machines along the process steps in a horseshoe shape around the hall. This means that everything now has its ideal space and the processes run according to defined standards.

4th step: Faster production

Since receiving consultation from TRUMPF, FBT has been producing pre-cut parts from thin sheets and blanks on their newly purchased TruLaser 3030 2D laser cutting machine. The relevant software, TruTops Boost, creates production programs simply and automatically in one system. Whilst external pre-cut parts previously took between five and 15 days for FBT, the company's manufacturing speed now meets the market benchmark of 24 to 48 hours for cutting and bending.

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From individual units to a series

In its machinery in Brandenburg, the FBT Feinblechtechnik job shop uses products including the TruLaser 3030 fiber 2D laser cutting machine and the TruBend 5130 bending machine from TRUMPF.

Faster production – with an improved overview

Increased transparency and reduced coordination outlay – these are the first successes of the optimization at FBT Feinblechtechnik.

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