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A fully automated Smart Factory in record time

A major order was the trigger – the Chinese sheet metal fabricator, SNBC, is making a virtue of necessity and is expanding its production into a fully automated Industry 4.0 factory in record time with TRUMPF as their partner.

No shying away from large orders

The company Shandong New Beiyang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (SNBC) handles major global logistics contracts every year. The Chinese specialist for ticket printers, scanners, cash machines and packing stations saw only one solution – a fully automated Industry 4.0 factory. SNBC knew from previous projects that TRUMPF was the only candidate with its expertise and reliability as a partner.

SNBC profile


SNBC specializes in research and development, production, sales and service for products in the field of thermal printing, identification and intelligent system integration products. The company has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of ticket printers, scanners, cash machines, and packing stations worldwide.

Year of founding

Shandong New Beiyang Information Technology Co., Ltd (SNBC) is a high-tech company that was founded by Weihai Beiyang Electric Group Co., Ltd in December 2002.

Company size

The Chinese company has around 2,000 employees; half of these are technical engineers.


SNBC ordered laser, punching, and bending machines with automation interfaces from TRUMPF for their expansion to a Smart Factory.

Insights into production

Gradually working towards a fully networked Smart Factory

1st step: Analyzing each part of the assembly

Using the set of drawings of the packing stations, the TruConnect experts analyzed each individual part of the assembly. In close cooperation with SNBC, the parties considered which technology was the most suitable, which machines were the most appropriate and which automation concepts were the most practical. This was always carried out with the capacity of the STOPA store in mind.

2nd step: Intelligently networking stores and machines

Four TRUMPF laser machines, two punching machines and three bending machines, as well as the corresponding automation components are connected to the 126-metre long STOPA store with 360 storage locations and two pallet picker cranes. The store is controlled using the TruTops Fab Storage Module. It controls the entire production material flow and manages the inventory. This ensures that the required material is always at the right machine at the right time and the finished parts are reliably conveyed to the following work station.

3rd step: Involving all employees in process creation

The TruConnect experts from TRUMPF and the employees from SNBC worked closely together when creating the processes. This is because people who have worked in manually controlled production will quickly become overwhelmed by an ad-hoc change to fully automated production. In many workshops, TRUMPF has familiarized the operators with the new system and drawn up practical processes together with them.

4th step: Producing more efficiently

The numerous modules of the production control software, TruTops Fab, ensure that a large number of the work steps run fully automatically at SNBC. All steps for creating production programs in a system can be completed automatically with TruTops Boost. Production orders are managed and machine jobs are controlled with the Quickjob module. The automatic message concerning the order status, the processing times and the material usage provides a high level of transparency. Due to automation, SNBC has already been able to increase its production by around 20 percent. The work outlay for employees has decreased immensely.

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