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Sorting Guide
Sorting Guide

Sorting Guide

Sorting efficiently and safely

Manual sorting made easy

You are under constant time pressure in sheet metal processing today: there is often a lack of transparency and systematic processes at the interface between manual tasks and machine processing. Wouldn't it be great to save work time during manual sorting – thus increasing the machine runtime? The Sorting Guide makes it possible: it assists the worker in removing and sorting sheet metal parts. It also marks parts on a screen, color-coded according to order, subsequent processes or geometry. It books removed parts automatically. This prevents mix-ups – which means you save time and avoid errors. Discover a uniquely clever assistant for sheet metal processing.

Unload quickly, increase runtime

The Sorting Guide creates transparency during removal. That speeds things up – and your machine can get back to cutting more quickly.

Precise sorting and commissioning

AI-based image processing identifies parts and provides the worker with all relevant information at a glance, including sorting recommendations.

Best possible material utilization

The function facilitates complex nesting – which means you utilize your material particularly efficiently.

Booking parts automatically

The Sorting Guide remembers all removed parts and reports them back to TruTops Fab automatically. This saves time and prevents errors.

Clever sorting wizard

The Sorting Guide is a camera-based assistance system and it works with artificial intelligence. Using existing master data and self-learning image processing, it reliably recognizes removed parts. A recommendation for sorting appears on the large screen: parts are marked in color, for example according to customer order or the subsequent process.

Sorting Guide, Entnahme Teile

Intelligent image processing

The Sorting Guide uses AI-based image processing to support the processes in your 2D laser cutting machine. The main components are a high-resolution camera, a large screen and intelligent software for image processing.

Optimized sorting process

The Sorting Guide optimizes your material flow by accelerating sorting and preventing errors. In real time, it supports the worker with removing and booking the parts – and ensures that the machine is back cutting again more quickly.

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