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TruTops Mark | TRUMPF
Produktbild TruTops Mark
Produktbild TruTops Mark

TruTops Mark

Simply better software

Everything under control with TruTops

TruTops Mark from TRUMPF combines all functions of the TruMark marking software in a single, intuitive user interface. In addition to the marking software, a CAD editor, laser parameter management, and interfaces, the package also includes process programming with QuickFlow and a diagnostics tool. And, if you don't want to get into the details of laser marking, the NAVIGATOR laser parameter assistant performs this task for you.

Integrated CAD editor

All options for drawing and designing markings, logos, and data codes.

Freedom of data management

A range of interfaces enable you to read various data into your marking program.

Practical parameter library

The NAVIGATOR assistant determines the best laser parameters for your application.

Process programming with QuickFlow

With QuickFlow, you can create complex processes for individual marking tasks without any programming knowledge.

Design the user interface yourself

Customize the content, appearance, and layout of the user interface.

SAP printer driver for marking lasers

Connect TruMark lasers easily to an SAP environment.

Laser marking made easy

With an intuitive interface, you can use TruTops Mark to control all steps of your laser marking processes. The CAD editor offers you all options for drawing and arranging graphical objects. The system is compatible with a number of vector and pixel formats. Furthermore, you can incorporate variable data into each marking file and generate it as a clean copy or in coded form (for example, a data matrix or barcode).

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