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Which amorphous applications are available?

From a lifestyle watch to medical technology to lightweight design: amorphous metals open up new application options for many sectors and industries. One thing is for certain thanks to the combination of 3D printing and metallic glasses: the material can be optimally processed, generating the finest structures with smooth surfaces. Applications requiring a very high corrosion and wear resistance can be ideally implemented.

Medical technology

Medical technology gets just what it wants with amorphous metals: the perfect material for the production of long-lasting scalpels or minimally invasive instruments. But even in the human body, amorphous metals will play an important role in future – as implants.

Lifestyle products

Polishable high-quality surfaces and scratch resistance give lifestyle products the "X factor". This makes them essential for high-grade entertainment electronics, watches and jewellery.

General industries

Thanks to the additive method, many industrially manufactured components can be produced "as a whole". This means that the components do not have to be manufactured individually and subsequently assembled.

These machines enable amorphous printing – even in series

Why 3D printing and amorphous metals are a real dream team: read here how the TruPrint systems from TRUMPF and the ultra-pure, specially optimized powders from Heraeus AMLOY work together perfectly.

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