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Small, but perfect!

Flexibility is important at Mebak Metallbau GmbH, explains Managing Director Ronny Freitag: “We produce a large number of different products and use numerous materials. The right automation provides a crucial boost.” Nevertheless, he and co-managing director André Barten did not make it easy for themselves when purchasing a replacement system for two existing machines. “We wanted a 2D laser that works quickly and is efficient in terms of material and energy. We wanted an automation solution that suits us and doesn't affect our well-established processes.” Barten and Freitag explored the market for three years before they finally found what they were looking for. "When we found the TruLaser 1030 fiber with the new material buffer automation solution, we looked no further," explains Barten. "This compact solution is a perfect fit for us and our processes."

Mebak Metallbau GmbH

Mebak Metallbau GmbH was founded in 1958 as a production cooperative for trades. In 1990 the company was converted into a limited liability company [GmbH]. While the company at that time was still active in the areas of metal construction, motor vehicles and heating and ventilation construction, Ronny Freitag and André Barten concentrated exclusively on metal construction after purchasing the company in 2011. Today, as a system provider, Mebak Metallbau offers services for the entire sheet metal process chain: from design to processing and finishing to assembly and delivery. It has clients in the office furniture industry, shop fitting and medical technology.


Metal processing

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Schönberg (Germany)

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Mebak has existed since 1958. Unlike companies that are newly built on a greenfield site, space is scarce. When considering a replacement investment for two existing machines, managing directors Ronny Freitag and André Barten had to keep in mind that a large solution was out of the question. “One of our existing machines had a single-pallet material feed. We wanted something similar again. However, it needed to be faster and more efficient in terms of material and energy,” explains Freitag. "But not bigger. We also wanted to save ourselves major remodeling measures, and to retain our well-established processes.” However, compact and powerful solutions were rare on the market. After three years of searching, Freitag and Barten found the optimal solution.

In addition to the four storage areas in the material buffer, we have two empty pallets. On one we can prepare replenishment material parallel to production, on the other we can sort finished parts.

Ronny Freitag
Managing director, Mebak Metallbau GmbH


The new compact material buffer from TRUMPF is the optimal automation solution when space is tight. “The material buffer works with our TruLaser 1030 fiber. It's so fast that without the automation we would require downtime, as we would have trouble supplying it with material," says André Barten. The four storage areas of the material buffers are optimally suited to the production processes at Mebak. “We fill the two middle storage areas with the standard sheets that we need most often. We store material for daily orders at the bottom and the finished parts go at the top because they are best sorted from there,” explains Ronny Freitag. The material buffer is controlled via the production plan. The operations manager simply specifies the order execution sequence and the material buffer is loaded accordingly. "Depending on the scope and type of job, the TruLaser 1030 fiber then runs unmanned for up to six hours," says Freitag. "This has the advantage that our employees can operate two machines at the same time." If there is extra time in between, finished parts can be easily sorted off the additional pallet or new material can be prepared on another additional pallet for the material buffer - parallel to production and with complete flexibility.


When Ronny Freitag and André Barten decided to buy the TruLaser 1030 fiber with material buffer, everything happened very quickly, Freitag explains: "TRUMPF supported us from the start. The dismantling of the existing machines, the delivery and start-up of the new solution – everything took place within a very short time.” An operator course for two employees enabled productive work with the system right from the start. "That alone convinced us that with this complete package and with TRUMPF as a partner, we were on the right track," says Ronny Freitag happily.


Ronny Freitag and André Barten are absolutely delighted with their new investments. "Everything is operating the way it should. We couldn't ask for more," concludes Barten. Freitag adds. “We are not only seeing the initial investment, but how things will continue to progress overall. We feel that we are in good hands with TRUMPF."

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Material buffer

The material buffer expands production capacity – by day and by night. After the raw material is loaded in the micro-store, it is fed into the laser cutting machine with an automated loading unit. The cut sheets are also unloaded in the material buffer. Depending on the type and scope of the order, the laser machine runs for hours without manual intervention. During this time, machine operators can devote themselves to other tasks.

TruLaser 1030 fiber, main product image
TruLaser 1030 fiber

With the TruLaser 1030 fiber, laser cutting is possible at the push of a button. It provides many technological functions and is worthwhile even at low utilization levels. This is ensured by low investment and operating costs combined with maximum throughput.