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Manufacturing quality, safety, productivity: Roland Deeg's recipe for success

For decades, the family-run company Roland Deeg GmbH predominantly worked with thick mild steel. They started processing aluminum as well approximately 15 years ago. Now the company, founded in 1996, produces interior aluminum structure components in series of up to 300 pieces for several premium vehicle constructors. The requirements for part quality are stringent.

Roland Deeg GmbH

The systems supplier Roland Deeg GmbH manufactures a very wide range of orders for the metal-processing industry, from simple laser-cut parts with a lot size of 1 to finished assemblies. The sectors covered by the family business from the German district of Schwäbisch Hall includes the automotive industry as well as machine and systems engineering, wind power and construction machinery.

Sheet metal processing
Number of employees
Kirchberg/Jagst (Germany)


Roland Deeg manufactures mainly interior body parts for the automotive sector. These are often very small and delicate with complicated contours. They must also comply with the highest quality standards. Programming often takes a great deal of time. Removing these numerous small parts as well the previously required microjoints is also extremely time- and labor-intensive.

The TruLaser Center 7030 reduces the workload of our staff significantly. The part quality is first class and the sorting function for finished parts rules out mistakes.

Matthias Deeg
Production Manager


The TruLaser Center 7030 came right on cue for Deeg, and the management at the sheet metal processing company knew straight away: the machine will be tested for automotive product groups, as they must be produced without scratches, burrs and microjoints. The interaction between the automation solutions SmartGate, SmartLift and SortMaster Speed make it possible for Deeg to achieve extremely high process reliability. For example, parts no longer overturn thanks to SmartGate, which is integrated into the brush tables. This means that microjoints are no longer needed. Even sensitive parts land scratch-free in the designated containers thanks to the brush tables.


According to Deeg, the TruLaser Center 7030 satisfies all quality demands without any problems. The brush table plays a great part in this as well. It replaces the slats in the TruLaser Center 7030 which were common up to now. Compared to the hard slats, processing with brushes is gentler, which is particularly important when working with thin aluminum sheets from Deeg. But not only that: the machine guarantees secure, safe operation – particularly for serial parts. Deeg employees just have to release the production plan in the morning, and can remove high quality finished parts after two to three days. TruLaser Center 7030 is in charge of releasing the finished parts from the scrap skeleton fully automatically and with no scratches. This makes knocking out the parts manually and time-intensive post-processing a thing of the past.


TRUMPF is so much more than a laser machine supplier for Deeg. Both companies work together as partners to develop complete laser processing solutions. "I think that the concept definitely indicates the direction for new machine generations," summarizes Matthias Deeg.

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TruLaser Center 7030

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