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Induction Heating

Your specific requirements drive us

Induction heating offers as many applications as challenges to find the best solution for every process. TRUMPF Hüttinger generators can be used for traditional processes, such as hardening or sealing, as well as high-tech applications such as crystal growing.

We offer a custom multi-step solution: from the analysis to the implementation - to check the feasibility and develop a heating solution for you - no matter how complex the requirements are. In our application lab, our experts always find a way to meet them. When others give up, we are just warming up.


At a glance: induction heating processes and our solutions for your task.

Inductively coupled plasma (IPC) with coil
Inductively coupled plasma
Inductive Hardening, Annealing and Tempering
Hardening and Annealing
Soldering and Welding
Levitation melting
Induction tube welding
Typisches Anwendungsgebiet der TruHeat MF Serie 3000 5000 7000: Epitaxie
Induction evaporation
Sealing containers - safe and seamless
Zone Floating Process
Crystal- and Zone Pulling

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Industry solutions

For numerous industries, TRUMPF has tailored solutions and specialists with precise knowledge of the specific requirements and applications.

Inductive heating: At the point where others give up, we are just warming up

Do you require a special application but are not making progress with standard solutions? We will develop an inductive heating process adapted to your requirements.

Eines der vielen Einsatzgebiete der TruHeat HF Serie 1000  3000  3000 (H) 5000: Glühen
Induction heating by TRUMPF Hüttinger

Induction heating is the solution for demanding heat treatment processes and the most efficient of all heating processes. Find out about our products here.


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