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Oberflächenberarbeitung mit TRUMPF Laser

Surface treatment

Treated surfaces make parts more resistant to load.
Besides many conventional processes, there are also laser processes available for this purpose.

Laser hardening, laser refounding and laser coating make parts more load-resistant: they increase hardness and durability, change the surface structure, create pressure tension in the surface or apply protective coatings. Laser marking and laser micro-processing also change the surface of a workpiece.

Mit TruDiode gehärtetes Biegewerkzeug
Laser hardening

Less refinishing and the ability to process irregular, three dimensional workpieces.

Automatisiertes Laserauftragschweißen
Powder deposition welding

The answer to wear or the need for modifications.

Laserbeschritung mit TRUMPF Produkten
Laser marking

Laser marking is engraving, removing, annealing, coloring and foaming.

Mikrobearbeitung mit TRUMPF Produkten
Micro processing

In micro-procession technology, lasers are being used more and more frequently.

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TRUMPF product portfolio

TRUMPF provides manufacturing solutions in the fields of machines and systems, lasers, power electronics, power tools, Smart Factory, software, and services.

Short and ultrashort pulse laser

Whether it's cutting, drilling, ablation, or structuring: TRUMPF's short and ultrashort pulse lasers provide a sophisticated tool for micro-processing.

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Industry solutions

For numerous industries, TRUMPF has tailored solutions and specialists with precise knowledge of the specific requirements and applications.


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