Machines & systems

2D laser cutting machines

TruLaser 5030 fiber, Produktbild
TruLaser machines with and without automation

Solutions for all aspects of laser cutting for beginners and professionals can also be found at this year's INTECH. We will not only focus on the cutting speed, but on the complete cutting process: intelligent functions accompany both the cut itself and the upstream and downstream processes. This makes the machines independent and reliable – right through to autonomy. 

Welding and Laser welding systems

INTECH 2020, TruLaser Station 7000
TruLaser Station 7000 with TruDisk 2021 and PFO 20-2

Experience our compact and fully-featured 3D laser welding system, the TruLaser Station 7000 at the INTECH. With a laser power of 2 kW, the TruDisk 2021 disk laser is currently the most powerful laser available with a green wavelength. It can be used to weld copper – such as battery foils for electric vehicles – and other highly reflective materials efficiently, with high quality and extremely productively. The continuous wave laser is also perfectly suited for stable heat conduction welding and deep penetration welding with constant welding depth.

TruLaser Weld 5000
TruLaser Weld 5000 with zero-point clamping system and coaxial nozzle

The TruLaser Weld 5000 delivers convincing results – now with a new zero-point clamping system and coaxial nozzle: a turnkey system for automated laser welding including robot, laser, processing optics, safety cabin and positioning units. With the zero-point clamping system, you can attach fixtures quickly and precisely. It offers suitable systems for rotate and tilt positioners and rotary tables. The coaxial nozzle feeds in shielding gas at the processing point to protect liquid melt from oxygen intrusion.

Laser tube cutting machines

World Premiere
Innovations for all aspects of TruLaser Tube

You can look forward to absolute innovations in laser tube cutting - a visit to INTECH will be well worth while for this alone.

3D printing systems

TruPrint 2000, cost-effective 3D printing with premium quality from TRUMPF
TruPrint 2000

Experience the newest member of our TruPrint family at the INTECH: the TruPrint 2000 embodies economical 3D printing in premium quality. Thanks to the full-field multilaser with 55 μm beam diameter, the additive production system works highly productively and achieves first-class print results. With the closed powder circuit under shielding gas, practical handling and the highest occupational safety are included.

Punching machines and punch laser machines

TruMatic 7000
TruMatic 7000

The latest generation of our most productive and largest punch laser machines has an extremely dynamic presentation: with the TruMatic 7000, you can work particularly quickly, even with small and delicate parts. The SheetMaster unloads four parts at the same time and thus increases the machine utilization rate. This machine is ideal for the most demanding requirements in terms of quality, productivity and flexibility.

TruPunch 1000 (S19)
TruPunch and TruMatic

Punching, forming, marking, thread insertion – all on one machine: no other machines are as versatile as punching machines. Laser cutting is also possible on a punch laser machine. At the INTECH, you can experience our broad portfolio of TruPunch punching machines and TruMatic punch laser machines – as well as finding out how to make the best use of these machines. 

Bending machines

TruBend Serie 8000, flexible Großformatmaschine
TruBend Series 8000

For major tasks: the TruBend Series 8000 bends even particularly large and heavy parts safely and absolutely precisely. Up to 1,000 metric tons press force are possible. Many different options make the operator's work easier – including the new BendGuard which provides for even greater safety when bending and works quickly and reliably.

TRUMPF Machine
TruBend Cell 5000

The TruBend Cell 5000 automatic bending cell is now even more productive: but at the INTECH 2020, we will be offering it in combination with the latest series of the TruBend 5000 bending machine. In automatic bending, you also benefit from features such as the on-demand servo drive – the particularly quiet, energy-efficient and fast drive – and from the top quality of the latest TruBend 5000 series.


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