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Nibbler | TRUMPF


Maneuverable through thick and thin

Regardless of whether you want to process sheets 0.02 in. or 0.4 in. thick, only TRUMPF can provide you with the right nibbler. Each nibbler works without feed force, distortion, emissions, or sparks. All of which is beneficial for plumbing, coil cutting, and container and tank assembly and dismantling.

Distortion-free work without exertion

Using the nibblers, you can work without feed force, distortion or sparks.

Comfortable operation

You always have a clear view of the work surface since the chips fall downwards.

Nibblers up to a sheet thickness of 0.137 in.

Equipped with a hollow round punch for 360° rotation on the spot. For the greatest maneuverability.

Area of application up to 0.137 in. thick

Ideal for interior cutouts and notching work with burr-free cuts.

Area of application from 0.137 in. sheet thickness

Ideal for cuts across edges, weld seams and doubled sheets.

Nibblers from a sheet thickness of 0.137 in.

Equipped with a robust rectangular punch, the highest level of profile flexibility is guaranteed.

Nibbler TruTool N 160

TruTool N 160

Affordable starter model for thin-sheet applications with flat and corrugated sheets up to a depth of 40 mm. You can rotate the tool through 8 steps of 45°.

Nibbler TruTool N 160 Li-Ion-Akku 10,8 V

TruTool N 160 Li-ion

The compact cordless nibbler is extremely handy and offers excellent performance on curves. It is ideal for cutting metal into sections, for interior cutouts, and for making notches in flat and corrugated sheets.

TruTool N 200

TruTool N 200

The extremely maneuverable nibbler can be turned on a dime. Perfect for interior cutouts and notches in flat and corrugated sheet.

Nibbler TruTool N 200 Li-Ion

TruTool N 200 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V

You can now cut sheet thicknesses of 2 mm cordlessly. Interior cutouts and notches are easy to process here.

TruTool N 350

TruTool N 350

Compact and handy sheet nibbler in the mid power range. The machine can be turned on the spot. Perfect for interior cutouts and notches.

TruTool N 500

TruTool N 500

The compact dismantling nibbler enables you to nibble in 4 cutting directions. Ideal for hard-to-reach areas and cuts across edges.

TruTool N 700

TruTool N 700

You can work without feed force, with minimal effort, and in four cutting directions. The dismantling nibbler is perfect for cuts across edges and welding seams.

TruTool N 1000

TruTool N 1000

The most powerful sheet nibbler for heavy-duty use. Ideal for dismantling tanks and containers. You can nibble in four cutting directions.

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