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Processing optics | TRUMPF

Processing optics

TRUMPF processing optics optimally adapt the properties of the laser beam to the relevant task – whether for welding, cutting, drilling, or ablation. TRUMPF offers a broad range of optics with standard focal lengths of 1.89 in to 35.43 in. These enable minimal focal diameters of less than 10 µm to be created. The modular system and optional components enable a range of different structural designs. The processing optics can be adapted to various spatial and application-specific conditions. TRUMPF also offers special processing optics for quick cutting of transparent materials such as glass or sapphire.

TRUMPF focusing optics from the BEO, RFO, and CFO optics line for laser welding and cutting

Focusing optics

Whether for welding, cutting, ablation, heating treating, or drilling: you can count on high-quality process results with robust fixed optics. You can choose from an extensive, modular toolkit.

TRUMPF programmable focusing optics (PFO) for remote laser welding

Programmable focusing optics

Programmable focusing optics from the PFO series are well-suited for a large number of applications. They are especially strong in remote processing of workpieces.

TOP Cleave optics, high-speed laser cutting of glass

TOP Cleave cutting optics

The TOP Cleave focusing optics are processing optics for quickly cutting transparent materials such as glass or sapphire. Thanks to the patented technology, this process is substantially more efficient and precise than other processes.

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