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Fixed optics, the right optics for your application
Fixed optics, the right optics for your application
Processing optics

Focusing optics

The right optics for your application

The right optics for your application

Regardless of whether you are welding, cutting, ablating, heat treating, or drilling, you can count on high-quality process results with robust focusing optics from TRUMPF. The optics can be used flexibly with the TRUMPF solid-state lasers and optimally adapted to the lasers. Through the modular toolkit from TRUMPF, the fixed optics can be adapted individually to your requirements.

Reliable for everyday industrial processes

TRUMPF focusing optics will impress you with their long service life and are robust against reflections.

Modular toolkit

A large number of options guarantees you the right solution for any task.

Simple integration

Various optic designs ensure a perfect adaptation to the work situation and environment.

Perfect seams

The sophisticated technology of the focusing optics enables perfect seams on both sides of the seam.

Intelligent monitoring

Important work parameters can be set simply and specifically for the application.

Laser-welded transmission parts and clutch components

Transmission components

The optics help you focus the laser beam precisely on the weld. The simultaneously supplied shielding gas ensures an even higher quality welding result and thereby reduces time-consuming reworking of the weld seam.

Laser-welded dual clutch unit

Dual clutch unit

TRUMPF processing optics deliver the best performance in 24/7 operation, resulting in consistent quality welds long term.

Overlap welding of a center differential

Center differential

Precisely focusing the laser light is especially important when welding a butt joint or overlapping joint. TRUMPF focusing optics bring their strengths to bear in this field, and can be used, for example, to weld a center differential with an overlapping joint of outstanding quality.

Robot welding with controlled focusing optics CFO 50

Robotic welding

With the combination of TRUMPF focusing optics, such as CFO 50, and a robot, you can substantially increase the size of the work area of your optics and use their excellent focusing properties.

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Laserauftragsschweißen mit den TRUMPF Fokussieroptiken


Generatives Laserauftragsschweißen mit TRUMPF Fokussieroptiken.

Laser parameters       
Wavelength 1030 nm - 1070 nm 1030 nm - 1070 nm 1030 nm - 1064 nm 1030 nm - 1070 nm 1030 nm - 1070 nm 1030 nm - 1070 nm
Max. output 150 W 4000 W 8000 W 16000 W 8000 W
Maximum power 8000 W
Optics configuration       
Standard collimation 90 mm 35 / 100 mm 35, 100, 125 mm 200 mm - 200 mm
Available focal lengths 48 / 60 / 90 / 135 mm 70 / 100 / 140 / 200 / 300 mm 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 mm 100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 600 mm 600 mm 100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 600 mm
Protection type IP54 IP54 IP54 - IP54
Ambient temperature - - 15 °C - 40 °C - - -
Protection class IP54

You can adapt your focusing optics to any job using the large number of options. You can also receive special optics for laser metal deposition with powder feed, or for linear laser spots.

Mit dem TruDiode kombinierbare Festoptik
Programmable motor focusing

The motor positioning of the collimator lens means that the focus point can be conveniently set in the Z direction. Modifications can be entered either directly by way of the laser control system TruControl or by way of an external machine control. Applications for which the focal position must be frequently changed can therefore be performed without additional effort.

Schutzglas- und Leistungsmesskassette
CCD camera

The CCD camera monitors the process at the processing point, and enables convenient setup of the laser process. It is the basis for quality monitoring.

Schutzglas- und Leistungsmesskassette
Protective glass and power measurement cassette

During operation and when changing the protective glass, the seal and interior ventilation of the protective glass prevent contamination. Changing the protective glass itself functions quickly and easily without tools. In place of the protective glass cassette, you can also insert a power measurement cassette. This enables you to easily check the laser power.

Option Crossjet, TRUMPF Fokussieroptiken

Crossjet is a compressed air flow that runs orthogonally to the laser beam. It diverts contamination and spatter, extending the protective glass service life. The optics are more robust and the laser process is more reliable.

Die Metalldampfeffekt-Düse (MDE) stabilisiert den Schweißprozess
MDE nozzle (metal vapor effect nozzle)

To make your welding process more efficient, you can add, in addition to the crossjet, the airflow from the metal vapor effect nozzle (MDE nozzle). The airflow keeps the metal vapor torch that arises while welding constant and therefore the energy brought into the material. This stabilizes the welding depth for precise laser processing. You also reduce your costs through a longer service life for your protective glass.

Shielding gas nozzle

For high-quality welding results, a separate nozzle supplies shielding gas. The welding seam thereby oxidizes less. You can choose from various nozzles: aerator nozzle, linear nozzle, or multiple pipe nozzle.

In addition to a range of processing optics, TRUMPF also offers you the right machines and beam sources. This allows you to find exactly the right combination for your application and requirements – all from a single source. When it comes to beam sources, TRUMPF offers all relevant lasers for the industry. You can rely on our experts, trust us to always have the best solution in mind for your production tasks, and know that we will advise you independently of any preferred technologies.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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