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TRUMPF image processing – trust in your process
TRUMPF image processing – trust in your process
Sensor system

Image processing

Trust in your process with TRUMPF process sensors.

Total confidence with TRUMPF process sensors!

You can avoid defective parts with TRUMPF's image processing solution VisionLine. VisionLine automatically detects the component position, forwards this information to the control, and ensures that the welding seam or marking is always in the right place. The system instantly detects whether a component is missing or if it has already been processed. The sensor system supports a variety of applications – from welding to marking. A check of the marked code can also be carried out very easily. Using an intuitive user interface and pre-defined attribute library, it is very easy to integrate VisionLine in the production process. After just a few work steps, the operator can get started immediately.

Highly integrated solutions from a single source

Enjoy the benefits of having TRUMPF as an entire system supplier – from the laser to the process sensor system and consulting

Improve process capability

Reduce your component positioning requirements without any loss of quality

Easy to do by yourself

The person doing set-up work can perform processing tasks on their own, even if they have no previous experience.

Transparent and reliable

You can save image data at any time to guarantee traceability.

VisionLine Interface

You can integrate third-party systems for the recognition of characteristics into the laser control via an interface.

Marking with VisionLine
Precise cutting through image processing

Welding of electronic components

The image processing system detects the pins that are to be welded, for example in electronic control units, sensors, and actuators.

Laser welding of joint connections

Welding of joint connections

Image processing enables you to detect seam points when welding heat exchangers or seat rails, indicating they are welded at the right location.

Marking of text and code using VisionLine Mark image processing

Marking of text and code

VisionLine image processing finds the right position before the marking process, and, after marking, checks whether the content and quality of this meets the specifications.

Image processing, VisionLine Basic

VisionLine Basic

A digital camera image with cross-hairs in the laser focus helps with workpiece monitoring and teaching. Using the VisionLine Basic in combination with the TRUMPF scanner optics of the PFO series is particularly advantageous. In this case, the offset between the laser light and monitoring light outside of the center of the scan field is corrected so that the focus position shown in the image corresponds to the actual position of the laser focus.

VisionLine Adjust image processing

VisionLine Adjust

The automatic focal position setting automatically sets the right distance to the workpiece via a focus sharpness measurement. This means you save time setting up – a simple press of a button is enough.

VisionLine Trace image processing

VisionLine Trace

With the reading back of the marked 1D or 2D code, you can ensure that the content is correct and legible. Optimal illumination is ensured so that even difficult industrial conditions are not a problem. The position and orientation of the code is still reported back.

VisionLine Trace Pro image processing

VisionLine Trace Pro

In addition to reading out a code, with this package, its quality can also be checked – for example, in accordance with the AIM DPM quality metrics. This means you can monitor your process perfectly and document the results.

Detection of characteristics with VisionLine Detect

VisionLine Detect

The recognition of characteristics enables image processing programs to be integrated simply into the production process. The appropriate distinguishing features can be selected from a template library for many application scenarios and can be configured using the user interface of the panel PC.

VisionLine Project

VisionLine Project

With an additional service package, TRUMPF provides a complete solution for complex image processing tasks. Programming the process-stable image processing, including extensive documentation is performed, subject to a successful feasibility study.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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Flyer VisionLine for marking
Flyer VisionLine for marking
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