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Powder deposition welding | TRUMPF

DepositionLine – technology package for powder deposition welding

The answer to wear or the need for modifications is laser deposition welding. With TRUMPF's DepositionLine, you can produce metallic material depositions on existing components as though it were cast: without loss of quality, well-sealed, and free of pores and cracks.

Manual laser deposition welding

The process of laser deposition welding is fairly simple using TRUMPF's DepositionLine: You use the laser to generate a molten bath on the prepared surface. Powdered material is guided through the nozzle, step by step. Once the new material has cooled, you weld the next layer, or start the refinishing process.

TRUMPF DepositionLine

TRUMPF's DepositionLine consists of three major functional units: the powder conveyor, the powder conveyor line, and the processing optic with powder nozzle.

The powder conveyor is a mobile unit directly next to the laser processing machine. The powder/gas mixture from the individual containers is combined in the powder conveyor to form a powder mass stream, and fed to the powder nozzle as a precisely regulated flow.