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TRUMPF solutions for E-mobility | TRUMPF

1. Automobile body - lightweight design

TRUMPF lasers are predestined for lightweight constructions and flexible production processes in the automotive industry. This is true in particular for the building of modern motor vehicles in the area of eMobility. Thanks to precise and pin-point manufacture it is possible to save considerably in weight and material when manufacturing automobile bodies.

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2. Powertrain

The electrified power train must withstand high mechanical loads. TRUMPF lasers enable the high-strength and durable joint connections required for this purpose.

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3. Battery system

Energy storage is the core element of any electric vehicle. The laser is ideal for its sensitive components, as it works reliably and without contact.

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4. Power electronics

Switches, plugs, sensor and actuators - TRUMPF customers use lasers to weld smallest electronic parts, as well as contacts and components for transferring high currents.

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Automobile body - lightweight design

Irrespective of whether the issue is component costs or weight - lightweight constructions with high number of variants and small quantities are a central objective in building electrical cars. TRUMPF lasers open completely possibilities for processing lightweight material: From aluminum to high-strength steel and fiber-reinforced materials - our lasers bring everything into precise and pinpointed shape. In the process the material is used optimally and is very versatile in terms of geometry. Your advantage: All this is possible without special tools.

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Compared to the petrol car, battery-electric drives have the advantage that the torque is available almost instantaneously. This, however, leads to the drives having to withstand higher dynamic requirements. For this reason a large number of high-strength connections therefore have to be made during production. TRUMPF lasers provide the requisite precision and productivity for this and enable the more compact design of the E-drives.

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Battery system

Compact, securely installed and reliable in operation - these are the features required from the battery system of an e-car. However, the price increases at the same time as the power density. The efficient manufacture of laser machines with high productivity and lower part costs allows larger quantities to be produced more cost effectively.

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Power electronics

With e-vehicles in particular, the loss free power converting of the electrical plays a key part. Clean and high quality processed electronic components are required for the exchange of these enormous quantities of data. Laser-welded material-formed joints for loss-free current transport from the battery via the inverter to the engine.

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