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UDI-compliant marking

Make your mark with UDI!

Many medical products that are manufactured in or exported to the USA now need to be marked with a clearly traceable UDI code (UDI = Unique Device Identification). Similar regulations will also be introduced for the EU and other countries in the coming years. TRUMPF not only supplies the perfect marking lasers to mark medical products, but now also provides a software solution that applies the right UDI code to your product based on your production data.

Mit Black Marking aufgebrachter UDI-Code

TRUMPF has the right solution for all your marking tasks

Our marking lasers can mark almost any material – whether it's stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, or organic materials. TRUMPF's marking lasers have also been used for years in the medical technology sector to reliably apply corrosion-resistant markings of superb quality. TRUMPF's range of marking lasers has now been expanded to include the TruMicro Mark 2000. The markings applied using this ultrashort pulse laser are completely corrosion-resistant on stainless steel, even over countless cleaning cycles.

Mit Blackmarking beschriftetes medizinisches Instrument

Software and marking lasers from a single source

To ensure that medical products are traceable, three different standards have been accredited for markings: GS1, HIBC, and ISBT 128. TRUMPF can now supply a customizable software solution that enables you to generate the correct UDI code based on your company data and production data and apply it to the medical product. The data wizard enables you to define how your data exists in the system and into which UDI standard it should be converted. As an option, using a scan or database link this data can be transferred to the marking software, the applied code can be checked using image processing solutions, and the data can be written back.



TruMark software solutions - Marking from UDI codes
TruMark software solutions - Marking from UDI codes
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