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Laser Safety

Laser safety is the safe design, use and implementation of lasers to minimize the risk of laser accidents, especially those involving eye injuries. Since even relatively small amounts of laser light can lead to permanent eye injuries, the sale and usage of lasers is typically subject to government regulations.

Moderate and high-power lasers are potentially hazardous because they can burn the retina of the eye, or even the skin. To control the risk of injury, regulations are imposed upon manufacturers required safety measures, such as labelling lasers with specific warnings, and wearing safety googles when operating lasers.

Laser Wavelength

The wavelength for laser cutting machines are near the infrared region, it is highly transmissable and can cause irreversible damage to your eyes, leading to permanent blindness.

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Description of Laser Classes

  Description Remarks 
Class 1

Lasers which are safe and harmless under "predictable operating conditions from a rational point of view". The use of optical instruments for direct beam observance may not limit the safety and must be possible.

  • "Predictable operating conditions from a rational point of view" are met for operation according to regulations.
  • In the upper power range, loss of vision, reduction of color vision, and annoyance are possible.

Class 4

Lasers which are hazardous for the eye and the skin. Furthermore, there is also a danger of fire and explosion. Scattered reflected radiation is also to be categorized as hazardous.

The handling of class - 4 lasers requires the utmost caution!

  • Class - 4 lasers surpass the GZS  (limit values of accessible radiation) of class 3B.
  • When the radiation has taken effect on the skin and in the eyes, damage will most certainly occur.
  • When using class - 4 lasers ,  there must also be sufficient protection from fire and explosion hazards.

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