TruTops Boost Change Over Promotion! Offer valid until June 2020

TruTops Boost

Change over from TruTops Classic to TruTops Boost now to enjoy great savings!

Promotion applies to existing TruTops Classic users only.

Improve your productivity with a click of a button.

The all-in-one solution enables you to cover several process steps and work consistently. All of the steps in an order are included, from the 2D/3D part to the finished NC program for bending, punching, and laser programs. 

Here, the software takes into account dependencies between the linked Bend and Cut technologies, as well as the design and ensures a fast production process. 

The result is consistent software with networked intelligence – which ensures the perfect interaction between the software and the machine.


Increased Productivity

Connects your process intelligently right from the initial order through to production via intuitive user interface. Dependencies between the creation of geometry, bending and cutting are recognized independently, thus optimizing the interplay with the machine and eliminating bottlenecks.

Better Value

Save money with the new and improved nesting engine of TruTops Boost. You will also receive a software update every six months.

Enhanced Process Reliability

TruTops Boost always delivers the optimal unfolding because should changes occur in the process, both upstream and downstream steps are automatically aligned. It also uses automatisms to simplify programming and make the whole process more efficient.

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