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TRUMPF at the SEMICON Southeast Asia 2018

Singapore, 04.06.2018 – The SEMICON Southeast Asia took place from 22.-24th of May in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia’s electrical and electronic sector is a key growth industry for the nation and the country rose to be an electronics manufacturing hub in the region. The SEMICON exhibition is the region’s premier industry gathering connecting innovators, products and technologies across the electronics manufacturing supply chain. TRUMPF exhibited various machines and their applications in the industry.

TRUMPF lasers play an important role in the production of micro-electronics, which represent the basis of our modern-day computers and smartphones. Micro-electronic chips are also installed in cars and refrigerators. Using a complex exposure processes TRUMPF lasers produce the structures in the nanometer range on logic and storage chips. Those structures are transistors that execute arithmetic operations. The higher the quantity of transistors, the higher the amount of arithmetic operations that can be executed.  But due to the trend of faster technology, the industry demands even faster, smaller and more efficient micro-electronic parts.

TRUMPF laser provide industrial solutions to meet those challenges in the electronics industry. They also enable a large number of other process steps to be carried out, such as cutting and drilling silicon wafers, printed circuit boards, or entire electronics modules.

At the SEMICON Southeast Asia 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, TRUMPF exhibited three different marking systems, showing several different lasers and their applications. One of the three products displayed was the TruMark Station 3000 that can be combined with different marking lasers. The compact marking station is convenient and intuitive to operate and ideal for small and medium lot sizes. Applications include engraving, annealing, discoloration, ablation and to structure surfaces for a specific function.

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