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TRUMPF Vietnam at Automotive and Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing Summit

The ASEAN Automotive Summit 2018 has brought together manufacturing professionals and expert speakers to jointly pursue the necessary developments for the entire auto parts manufacturing process chain - from materials to machine tools, precision tools and testing machines, plastics machinery, robotics and automation, to finished components and parts for automobiles and motorcycles.

ASEAN Automotive & Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing Summit held its first conference in Vietnam and hosted over 200 participants and 26 speakers from 13 different countries. As a partner of the conference, TRUMPF participated with a presentation speech and an exhibition booth, providing expertise and innovative solutions for manufacturers and suppliers.

In Vietnam, the automotive market has developed from being a low volume market with mainly one automobile brand to a continuously growing and stable market. Although the market size is still relatively small compared to countries such as Thailand or Indonesia, the market in Vietnam offers a lot of potential due to the young and abundant workforce and steady growth in GDP.

The growth in the automotive industry has also led to an increase in demand for tools to manufacture automotive parts. As an expert in the field of automotive manufacturing, TRUMPF provides a wide portfolio of tailored solutions for automotive industry that open up entirely new production possibilities.

TRUMPF acts as a reliable partner to its automotive customers, from the initial idea in advance development, to process-compliant component design, process development, and the setup of the production system. Apart from large-series production with machine tools and laser technology, the power tools from TRUMPF also play a key role in repair, tuning, and customizing work.

TRUMPF lasers can execute a wide variety of processes in automotive manufacturing, such as the production of e-drives, the laser welding and laser cutting of a wide variety of components in battery systems in electrical vehicles or the processing of materials used in the interior of the car. TRUMPF lasers also open up entirely new possibilities when it comes to processing lightweight materials. The lasers can be used to join hybrid components comprised of several materials and the flange width can also be reduced effectively. The result is the production of smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective components.


TRUMPF Vietnam team

Team members from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City as well from the Country Management joining for the Automotive Summit

TRUMPF booth

Introducing laser application for automotive parts production to Vietnamese customers

TRUMPF keynote speech

Ms. Marlene Burger, from Country Management Southeast Asia, introducing the TRUMPF Group and the various laser applications for the production of automotive parts

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