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Automotive Summit 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam

After Vietnam opened its market to ASEAN nations for tax-free import in 2018, a large number of cars from Thailand and Indonesia were imported, which changed the ecosystem in ASEAN automobile industry.

From 02 to 03 April 2019, ASEAN Automotive & Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing Summit 2019 held its annual conference in Vietnam, Hanoi. In the two days, TRUMPF is proud to be part of the more than 29 technology manufacturers and expert speakers with over 300 delegates who attended this seminar.

Organized by Ringier Trade Media and co-organized by Vietnam Association of Supporting Industries (VASI), high level presentations and networking were seen across the board. Compelling talks covered everything from latest information on advanced materials in metalworking and plastics, as well as automotive engineering; not to forget the hottest design, quality control & inspection, plus advanced manufacturing systems.

Ringier Trade Media President Mike Hay gave the attendees a preview of what they’ll experience during the two days in Hanoi including topics on 3D cutting machines, digitization, components testing, injection technology, semiconductors in the future of electric vehicles, and innovative thermoplastic materials.

Given the opportunity to share our insightful ideas of automotive, Mr. Markus Lindemann, Head of Laser Technology Asia Pacific from TRUMPF Singapore, shared with the delegates on the insights of remote laser welding with BrightLine Weld and with it, the significant advantages and differences in comparison to conventional laser welding.

Vietnam’s automotive industry is strong and continues to grow steadily in importance. Interesting topics like latest market trends and latest technological innovations and how TRUMPF’s technologies can be integrated into their market were also shared during the conference.

We would like to thank you for all who came and support this summit and we look forward to welcoming you back next year!

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