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Seam locker | TRUMPF
Schließen von Pittsburgh-Falzen

Seam locker

Super-fast sealing

For heating and ventilation engineers, TRUMPF seam lockers are essential for their daily work, as well as for the construction of façades, fireplace coverings or industrial fans. For both Pittsburgh lock seams as well as angle and standing seams, you will find the correct tool with TRUMPF.

Tight seam joints without force

The seam lockers operate with an automatic feed. This means you achieve a consistently high seam quality.

Comfortable operation

You can work quickly, and with low noise and vibration.

Faster and easier use

The seam lockers are ready for use in just a few steps; their handling is extremely simple.

Mobile use

You can use the seam lockers directly at the assembly point, even on mounted ducts.

TruTool F 125

TruTool F 125

You can use the TruTool F 125 seam locker to lock prepared angle and standing seams with flange heights of up to 1.57 in, even on tight corners and edges.

TruTool F 300

TruTool F 300

You can use the TruTool F 300 seam locker to work in sheet thicknesses of 0.03 - 0.05 in mild steel and lock straight as well as curved ducts.

TruTool F 300 1400 W motor

TruTool F 300 with 1400 W motor

This seam locker with its powerful motor is designed for continuous use. For straight or curved ducts with sheet thicknesses of 0.75 mm – 1.25 mm in mild steel.

TruTool F 300 Li-ion seam locker

TruTool F 300 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V

The TruTool F 300 seam locker with 18 V Li-ion rechargeable battery allows even greater freedom. Adjustment to sheet thicknesses of 0.75 mm – 1.25 mm is automatic.

TruTool F 301

TruTool F 301

The TruTool F 301 seam locker is the perfect choice if you process sheet thicknesses of 0.45 mm – 1 mm in mild steel. For straight or curved ducts.

TruTool F 301 Li-ion seam locker

TruTool F 301 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V

You can lock sheet thicknesses of 0.45 mm – 1 mm with the rechargeable battery seam locker. As with all seam lockers, the sheet thickness adjustment occurs automatically.

TruTool F 140

TruTool F 140

The TruTool F 140 seam locker is ideal for mild steel and stainless steel and locks large radii on straight as well as curved ducts. For sheet thicknesses of 0.6 mm – 1.4 mm.

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