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The TruMark marking lasers. As varied as your requirements for products in the field of medical technology

TRUMPF marking lasers permanently mark medical devices and instruments as well as implants with proverbial surgical precision – completely without contact. Whether kidney dishes made from precious metals, implants made from titanium, or a tube made from plastic – TRUMPF lasers process a wide range of materials. This means, for example, metallic medical products can be marked using black marking with a very high contrast and good legibility, whilst providing the highest level of corrosion resistance. This durability is also a requirement for the legally prescribed traceability of medical products. For the laser marking of the UDI code (Unique Device Identification), TRUMPF provides a turnkey complete package – with laser marking system, beam source, image processing, and a corresponding software solution from a single source. TRUMPF is a reliable partner that will help with the development of customized solutions and will work together with customers in the Laser Application Center (LAC) to find the perfect prototype and optimum process.

"In medical technology, I need to be able to retrace every part TruMark is the marking solution that I trust completely."

Caroline T.
Quality Assurance Officer

The best marking quality

There is hardly any industry in which the quality of products is as crucial as in the field of medical technology as the products are frequently used to save people's lives or keep them alive. At TRUMPF, customers can choose from a wide range of marking lasers for many different applications and materials – from stainless steel to plastic. It is even possible to label the most delicate of components and sensitive surfaces due to the good focusability of the marking lasers. The TruMark 6030 has, for example, internal power measurement and control, which ensures that a high level of processing quality is maintained. The new TruTops Mark marking software will also make it possible to mark complex 3D bodies without distortions using the laser in the future.


Medical technology products must meet a range of legal regulations for clear traceability. Labeling with the UDI code (UDI = Unique Device Identification) is crucial here. In conjunction with the TruMark lasers, TRUMPF provides a customizable software solution for this – if required including quality control and subsequent documentation of the results and process data. TRUMPF VisionLine image processing can check exactly whether the applied UDI code has actually been marked with the right quality and whether it is functional for later use.

Perfect integration and operation

As production processes in the field of medical technology undergo comprehensive qualification processes, simple and transparent integration of the marking laser and the applicable software plays a central role. For this, TRUMPF provides a standard interface or a customized software solution for safe data management. Customer-specific databases or control systems can be easily linked with the intuitive TruTops Mark marking software using the individually programmable TruTops Mark Module Interface (TTM-MI). The software interface can also be customized in terms of content, appearance, and arrangement to ensure utmost user friendliness. Changes can also be made for customer-specific process steps. TRUMPF also provides support with Equipment Qualification (EQ) as part of the Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operations Qualification (OQ).


Scalpel which has been marked with the laser, UDI code for traceability

Scalpel with UDI code

With metals, TruMark marking lasers can cause a change in colour up to a deep black color. A further advantage of so-called "black marking" is the corrosion resistance of the labeling. With the extreme peak pulse power of the TRUMPF ultrashort pulse lasers, you can create deep black colored, permanent UDI codes.

Kidney dish

Traceability is crucial in the manufacture of medical technology products. With the non-contact "black marking" labeling method, kidney dishes made from precious metal, for example, are marked with a uniquely traceable UDI code (UDI = Unique Device Identification).

Laser-marked stent (blackmarking with TruMicro Mark)

Laser-marked valves for pressure compensation in the brain

Permanent and clearly legible markings are essential for the unique identification and traceability of implants. The shunt shown is used to treat hydrocephalus ("fluid in the brain") and it guides the excess fluid in the brain from the ventricles under the skin to the abdomen.

Laser welding and cutting on an endoscopic instrument.

Karl Storz stethoscope

The annealing on the stethoscope is created by the laser beam heating the metal locally up to a certain temperature. In the process, very precise oxide films are generated on the surface, the characteristics of which determine the colour impression. Today, annealing is the most common type of laser marking for medical components.

Our marking laser range

TruMark marking laser

TRUMPF marking lasers are characterized by the utmost marking quality and permanent readability. This way, the markings meet the legally prescribed regulations for traceability in the field of medical technology. TRUMPF offers a turnkey complete package for the industry by providing a marking system, beam source, and data processing solution – all from a single source.

TruMark 6030
TruMark marking laser

TruMark 6030

  • 25% shorter process times due to high level of available average power, as well as increased pulse energy
  • Excellent beam quality which ensures high-contrast markings and clean material removal
  • Integrated power regulation allows for consistent, reproducible marking results
TruMicro Mark – simply flexible
TruMark marking laser

TruMicro Mark 2020/2030

  • Deep black corrosion-resistant markings with extreme peak pulse power (black marking)
  • With ultrashort laser pulses you can mark even highly reflective surfaces
  • High beam quality for intricate markings and absolute precision
TruMark Series 3000 – an all-around solution for materials and applications
TruMark marking laser

TruMark 3330

  • Functional markings for identification and traceability on plastics due to UV wavelength
  • Simple integration due to compact dimensions as well as Plug & Produce connection
  • Operation is particularly low-maintenance due to sophisticated, industrially tested technology and air cooling

TruMark marking laser

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TruMark, the new marking lasers. As individual as your industry.

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