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TruPrint Series 3000 | TRUMPF
TruPrint 3000, solución flexible para la impresión 3D industrial
TruPrint 3000, solución flexible para la impresión 3D industrial
Additive production system

TruPrint 3000

Flexible solution for industrial 3D printing

Gestión industrial de piezas y polvo
Gestión industrial de piezas y polvo
Additive production system

TruPrint 3000

Industrial part and powder management

Additive production system

TruPrint 3000

Flexible production setup

Flexible solution for industrial additive manufacturing

The TruPrint 3000 is a universal medium-format machine (LMF / PBF / LPBF) with industrial part and powder management. You immediately benefit from even more flexibility, quality and productivity for your additive series production: you will now receive the TruPrint 3000 metal 3D printer with two 500-watt TRUMPF lasers in the full-field multilaser option as well.

Productivity is almost doubled, independent of the component geometry, and the part costs are significantly decreased. Automatic monitoring and calibration of the multilasers during the build job facilitates optimum quality for printed multilaser components. The latest developments in shielding gas control additionally increase the component quality and reproducibility of the parts. This is documented parallel to the build job thanks to Melt Pool Monitoring. It means that the burden of proof, for example in the medical sector, can be satisfied.

The TruPrint 3000 is extremely flexible in adapting to the individual requirements of our customers. It is used in the most varied of sectors with its build volume comprising a diameter of 300 mm and a height of 400 mm. Depending on the size and complexity of the component, your preference in the workflow and the production volume, you can be flexible in your selection between internal or external powder removal - with both processes using shielding gas. With the latter, you also minimize the 3D printer's downtime thanks to parallel to production operation.

High level of process robustness

Consistent component quality thanks to a newly developed shielding gas stream

Full-field multilaser 2 x 500 watts

Simultaneous laser exposure to the entire build volume for maximum productivity gain

Flexible production setup

Thanks to different machine and periphery configurations for part and powder management

Extensive monitoring solutions

Ensuring high quality standards during the build job thanks to Melt Pool Monitoring

Inert, closed powder circuit

Simple part and powder handling using shielding gas for consistent powder and part quality

Discover what makes the new TruPrint 3000 so special
Industrial 3D printing in action - highly flexible for every requirement
High performance: full-field multilaser with 2 x 500 W

With the full-field multilaser (2 x 500 W), all lasers can be exposed to the entire build volume. The result: increase in productivity, shorter production times per component and reduction of part costs. The multilaser scan fields are automatically calibrated to each other to achieve even greater precision. This means that you achieve very high surface quality - without a single seam mark. You will receive the optional full-field multilaser with two powerful TRUMPF fiber lasers with beam diameters of 80 µm.

High part quality thanks to the shielding gas concept

Achieve even better part quality with our newly developed shielding gas concept. It guarantees a highly robust melt process during which the process chamber as well as the optics protective glass remain clean. An optimum shielding gas stream is achieved by the smaller process chamber and a primary and secondary gas flow. This ensures recurring high part quality, particularly in industrial series production.

Flexible production setup

The TruPrint 3000 is so flexible that the production setup can be easily adapted to the requirements of the customer or the application. Start with integrated powder removal within the machine using shielding gas, for example, and scale the production with external powder removal as the machine utilization rate increases. Select your configuration according to the component complexity, your preference in the workflow and the production volume.

Optionally with integrated powder feeder

The integrated powder feeder is the alternative to external powder removal, for it can be used to remove metallic powder from the finished component within the process chamber using shielding gas after the LMF process. Powder can be removed internally from components which are up to 400 mm high. The extracted powder is collected in a separate overflow bin and is reused for the next build job after being sieved.

Exchangeable cylinder principle on the TruPrint machines from TRUMPF
Industrial interchangeable cylinder principle

The TruPrint 3000 has a quickly interchangeable build and powder supply cylinder. Cylinder setup and powder removal for build jobs can therefore be performed parallel to the LMF process. You significantly reduce your 3D printer's downtime and non-productive time.

External powder removal

Select from two variants to remove powder from the component: remove powder from your part with the depowdering station (with the option of using shielding gas) for a very high degree of purification. Vibration technology also removes powder from complex component geometries. Alternatively, you can also remove powder from the part externally in the depowdering station while avoiding contact with the powder. Use the components of the industrial part and powder management system for several 3D printers and reduce your part costs.

Extensive industrial monitoring for quality assurance

Thanks to Melt Pool Monitoring for the TruPrint 3000, you can verifiably ensure the highest quality standards for printed components. Sensors detect deviations in the laser metal fusion process early on - that includes the full-field multilaser. Quality assurance is supplemented with Powder Bed Monitoring. Each powder layer is monitored visually; there is an option to automatically recoat conspicuous powder layers. Further options are available to meet verification requirements for certified processes: laser power calibration, focus position measurement and scan field calibration enable you to measure, recalibrate when necessary, and document your measurement results.

TRUMPF application consultation for additive manufacturing – tailored consultation for your 3D components
Expert application consultation

Do you have questions about how to produce a specific component on the TruPrint 3000 in a cost-effective and productive manner? Working together with you, the TRUMPF experts develop tailored solutions for your specific additive manufacturing application. Simply get in touch to arrange an individual meeting.

Absorber cooler

An absorber cooler for a TRUMPF laser source produced with additive manufacturing only consists of two components. There is no need for fitting 27 individual parts together to form the assembly, as would be the case for this component when made conventionally. The printed component impresses with 90 % fewer leaks and a cooling system which is form-fitting and flow-optimized.

Varied fields of application for the TRUMPF TruPrint 3D printing systems

A wide range of application possibilities

The TruPrint 3000 is a flexible 3D printer designed for a wide range of applications from the most varied of industries. Take advantage of the laser metal fusion (LMF) technology and the benefits it offers, such as freedom of design and integrated and optimized functions.

3D-printed brackets on a plate with TruPrint machines from TRUMPF

Series production with the TruPrint 3000

Components can be arranged with flexibility in the TruPrint 3000's large build area, making the machine perfect for job shops.

General industry

A wealth of general industry applications can be optimized using laser metal fusion (LMF). As a result of 3D printing, this radial turbine blower was produced close to the final contours, which reduces post-processing work. What's more, the development of the hollow part leads to a weight reduction of up to 25%. The reduced weight enables higher speeds.

Cross-section of a combi-burner built with the TruPrint 3000.

Energy & turbine

Laser metal fusion makes it possible for even complex interior structures to be generated. The laser fuses the desired part contour layer-by-layer in the powder bed, whereby any geometry is possible.

TruPrint 3000
Build volume (cylinder) Diameter 300 mm x 400 mm Height
Processable materials Metal powders for welding, such as stainless steels, tool steels, and aluminum alloys, nickel-based alloys, or titanium alloys. Current availability of materials and their parameters available on request.
Preheating (standard) Up to 200 °C
Maximum laser power at the workpiece (TRUMPF fiber laser) 500 W
Beam diameter (standard) 80 μm
Layer thickness 20 - 150 μm
Build rate 5 - 120 cm³/h
Minimum measurable oxygen level Up to 100 ppm
Connection and consumption  
Electrical connection (voltage) 400/460 V
Electrical connection (current intensity) 32 A
Electrical connection (frequency) 50/60 Hz
Shielding gas Nitrogen, argon
Structural design  
Dimensions (including filter) (W x H x D) 3385 mm x 1750 mm x 2070 mm
Weight (including powder) 4300 kg
Software image TruTops Print, TRUMPF

TruTops Print with Siemens NX software package

At the beginning of the process chain for additive manufacturing is the preparation of data for the 3D design and production program. As a development partner of Siemens, for the first time TRUMPF is offering a consistent software solution with a standard user interface without interruptions in the system with the "TruTops Print with Siemens NX" software package. The intelligent process chain of the software solution offers a high level of process reliability, as the tools for the development, simulation, 3D printing, and NC programming for metal parts are integrated in a single system, meaning it is no longer necessary to convert in STL. The TRUMPF build processor is also integrated in the software package for slicing and hatching the build jobs, as well as for parameter management. Save on time and costs with a clear workflow.

Full-field multilaser option

Increase your productivity with the multilaser option: two TRUMPF fiber lasers, each with an output of 500 W and a 80-µm beam diameter can expose simultaneously in the build area and generate up to 80% more parts in the same time with flexibility. As such, you can ensure that parts are available more quickly and maximize flexibility when processing customer orders. As every contour is exposed by a laser, no "seam marks" are created. With the fullfield multilaser you can achieve 100% overlap coverage. The Automatic Multilaser Alignment option automatically monitors and calibrates the multilaser scan fields to each other during an ongoing build job to ensure optimum quality of the multilaser components.

Integrated powder feeder option

The powder feeder option is the alternative to external powder removal, because powder is removed from the finished component within the process chamber using shielding gas after the LMF process. Powder can be removed internally from components which are up to 400 mm high.

Powder Bed Monitoring option

You can automatically monitor the powder bed via an integrated camera in the TruPrint component chamber and the automatic image processing function. This means that you have a constant overview of the state of the component and can analyze the quality parameters layer-by-layer. A lack of powder is detected by the automatic corrective recoating option and the affected layer is automatically corrected by a new powder coating.

Melt Pool Monitoring option

Deviations in the laser metal fusion process can be detected early on via sensors, and critical areas of the component can be seen. It's also possible to monitor all weld pools in parallel – this is especially helpful with the fullfield multilaser option.

Calibration options

Various options are available for your TruPrint to meet verification requirements. Laser power calibration, which is also for multilasers, focus position measurement and scan field calibration, enables you to measure, recalibrate when necessary, and document your measurement results.

Monitoring solutions for your additive manufacturing

The intelligent monitoring solutions from TRUMPF enable you to professionally monitor and analyze the LMF process on the TruPrint machines. As part of this, sensor-based data is recorded and processed. This offer includes solutions for the monitoring of processes (Melt Pool and Powder Bed Monitoring), conditions, and performance. The results of the monitoring can be seen directly on the HMI of the TruPrint machine. With the TruTops Monitor product, you also have full transparency across all your machinery, along with the option of remote access to the machines – either via the desktop or with mobile access via the MobileControl app.

Optimal handling of the powder and components is crucial for series production on an industrial scale. The industrial parts and powder management from TRUMPF enables the setup and powder removal of one or more machines, all parallel to production. This increases productivity and profitability for our customers. Standard interfaces and a wide range of different powder removal options, sieve solutions and storage opportunities facilitate maximum flexibility when setting up your system.

TRUMPF powder for 3D printing systems

Powders and parameters

High-quality metal powders are the basis for reliable process conditions in additive manufacturing. The combination of recommended powders and the correct parameters creates high-quality material properties for 3D-printed components.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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