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Outsourcing parts to external parties means a high administrative outlay for vehicle manufacturer Eder. Entry into laser cutting with TRUMPF is a remedy for this. The internal bottleneck turned out to be the old bending machine, which was not producing parts as fast as they were needed in production. The TruBend 7036 changed this. "It's allowed us to have nearly three times the capacity when it comes to bending," says Günter Koschke. Even the start was smooth: "The fitter from TRUMPF instructed our mechanics right away. It all worked without any problems, which meant we could get started right away."


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Tuntenhausen (Germany)

"We could get started with the bending right away"

Eder construct unique transport vehicles of the highest technical level, in-house. Manufacturing ever new models from beginning to end, is logistically very demanding. For a long time, Eder relied on the classical "Insourcing" method: parts were produced by suppliers and delivered to Eder. Due to the high administrative outlay and long waiting times, the company took on laser cutting and bending themselves a few years ago.


Vehicle manufacturing at Eder came increasingly under pressure due to the fact that required parts from external suppliers were not available fast enough. The in-house bending machine also turned out to be a bottleneck: it was no longer able to keep up with the required speed. A custom solution for laser cut parts and a faster solution for bending parts was necessary. 

"TRUMPF allows us to be more independent, as we can implement and produce parts much faster – this greatly simplifies day-to-day operations."

Günter Koschke
Operations Manager, Vehicle Construction


The decision for TRUMPF occurred whilst entering laser cutting. "We decided on TRUMPF because the TruLaser 1030 fiber is relatively affordable, and thus would make our products more affordable," says manager Günter Koschke, thinking back. It was then obvious that the bottleneck in regards to bending would also be solved with a TRUMPF machine. This was also worthwhile for Eder, as laser cutting and bending components in-house using TRUMPF products has made the vehicle construction division at Eder noticeably more flexible and fast.


The bottleneck in bending was resolved by a fast bending machine – the TruBend 7036. Compared to the old bending machine, bending capacity nearly tripled. "Before this, we had no idea that technology could make such a huge difference," explains Koschke. It was a smooth start: "The fitter from TRUMPF delivered the bending machine and instructed our mechanics right then and there. That way we could get started with the bending right away."


"We're proud of our product," says Günter Koschke. "Especially our larger truck is possibly the best in its class, worldwide." That being said, he knows that high quality does not happen by chance. The right machines make all the difference, and with the TruLaser 1030 fiber and the TruBend 7036, Eder have solutions at the ready with which high customer demands can be fulfilled even in the long-term. "We are very innovative," he reports, "and we still have lots of ideas – we definitely want to continue growing."

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