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Highspeed Eco – The Game Changer. More throughput, lower consumption

How do you win a race? You skip the pit stops! Laser cutting is like racing – a good machine must be coordinated so that it reaches the target without manual readjustment. With the Highspeed Eco cutting procedure, you can set speed records for nitrogen cutting with solid-state lasers. This is because, depending on the sheet thickness, the sheet throughput is increased by up to 100% with consistent laser power. In addition, you reduce the cutting gas consumption by 70%.

This is how Highspeed Eco makes you better

Highspeed Eco - Extrem schnell
Shortest piercing time
  • Up to 100% higher productivity and feed rate
  • Fastest piercing time and maximum acceleration
Highspeed Eco - Extrem sparsam
Extremely economical
  • Up to 70% less cutting gas
  • Up to 60% lower cutting gas pressure
  • Lower power consumption
Highspeed Eco - Extrem robust
Extremely robust
  • Even on uneven terrain
  • Not sensitive to spatter and collisions
Highspeed Eco - Qualitativ hochwertig
High quality
  • Very smooth and homogeneous cutting edge
  • Minimal oxidation on the lower edge
  • Minimal burr formation, even at sharp corners

The kW figure and the machines must be suited to one another

The power that the car effectively transfers to the road is important in a motor race. The same applies to laser cutting – only a carefully thought-out machine concept, where all components are coordinated with one another, allows the laser and machine to apply the full power to the sheet metal. The machine, laser, and functions are ideally suited to one another at TRUMPF. Not least because we develop and install all of the components in our machine ourselves.

100 %

More throughput*

70 %

Lower cutting gas consumption*

60 %

Lower cutting gas pressure*

* The figures are average values and relate to a typical sheet mix composed of simple, average, and complex parts with various sheet thicknesses. We would be happy to test your individual parts as part of a time study.

The default nozzle and touchdown nozzle compared:

Vergleichsgrafik Highspeed Eco

Default: The distance between the nozzle and the sheet metal leads to loss of cutting gas. High gas pressures are necessary to push slag out of the kerf.

Touchdown nozzle: The flow-optimized nozzle design is patented. The sleeve, which can be mounted in a flexible manner, is pressed onto the sheet metal when cutting and seals the kerf. Gas loss is minimal, and the gas pressure and consumption are significantly reduced.

One nozzle for the entire range of applications

Uneven terrain? No problem!

The sleeve can be moved and tilted, and the distance between the inner part and the sheet is very large. The sleeve thus glides easily over large piercing spatter residue on the sheet metal. The spatter residue can be removed easily at the same time.

Like in a wind tunnel – optimized aerodynamics

The sleeve seals the kerf. The cutting gas is therefore blown parallel and with greater efficiency into the kerf resulting in reduced burr formation and slag residues. The feed rate can therefore be dramatically increased and the approach length shortened – without affecting quality.

Detailed images of the Highspeed Eco

Schneidkopf mit Düse Highspeed Eco

Crank up your speed while saving on gas

The touchdown nozzle prevents the lateral escape of gas and thus saves you money.

Actionbild Highspeed Eco

Amazingly fast through the sheet metal

With Highspeed Eco, you benefit from a feed rate during fusion cutting that is sometimes twice as high compared with standard cutting data.

- / -

The best overall package wins in the end

You can find out more in the following videos

Highspeed Eco: Extremely fast. Extremely economical.

Highspeed Eco: Function film for the touchdown nozzle

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