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TruLaser 3030 Basic Edition, universal and robust
TruLaser 3030 Basic Edition, universal and robust
2D laser cutting machines

TruLaser 3030 Basic Edition

Universal and robust

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    Universal and robust

    The TruLaser Series 3000 machines are tried and tested. Thousands of them are in successful operation. The all-rounders are characterized by a high level of flexibility and simple operation – and this is also the case for the TruLaser 3030 Basic Edition. Irrespective of whether you have differing lot sizes or materials of varying quality – the TRUMPF CO2 laser TruFlow and intelligent functions ensure the highest process reliability. You can rely on our strong support at any time. Profit from our bundled experience in laser processing.

    Laser included

    The TruFlow 4000 CO2 laser with 4 kW laser power is included in the standard scope of delivery.

    Delicately cut thick mild steel

    With the CoolLine function, you can even create small contours in thick mild steel.

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    Utilize remainder sheets – post-produce parts easily

    Using Drop&Cut, you can easily post-produce parts from remainder sheets.

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    TruLaser 3030 Basic Edition, thick mild steel cut with CoolLine

    Thick mild steel cut with CoolLine

    The CoolLine process specifically cools the workpiece during laser cutting. This enables new geometries and considerably increases process reliability in thick mild steel.

    TruLaser 3030, thin stainless steel

    Thin stainless steel

    You can achieve perfect quality in thin stainless steel – even in delicate contours: The edges are burr-free and rework is no longer required.

    TruLaser 3030 Basic Edition
    Length 9300 mm
    Width 4700 mm
    Height 2200 mm
    Maximum speed  
    Simultaneous 140 m/min
    Working range  
    X axis 3000 mm
    Y axis 1500 mm
    Max. workpiece weight 900 kg
    Laser-specific data - TruFlow 4000  
    Max. laser output 4000 W
    Max. sheet thickness, mild steel 20 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, stainless steel 16 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, aluminum 10 mm
    Consumption values  
    Average power input in production - TruFlow 4000 31 kW
    PDF <1MB
    Technical data sheet

    The technical data of all product versions as a download.

    High productivity and the best quality: Powerful functions guarantee the best processing results.

    Process reliability


    Mild steel becomes extremely hot during laser cutting and may melt uncontrollably. With CoolLine, this does not happen. During processing, the cutting head sprays water mist in a circle around the laser beam onto the workpiece. This is possible due to nozzles with precise bore holes. The vaporization energy of the water means that the material around the laser beam is cooled. CoolLine therefore enables new geometries and considerably increases process reliability in thick mild steel.


    AdjustLine enables the easy adjustment of the cutting process to materials of different quality. The function increases process reliability, especially when cutting poor quality material. For you this means less scrap and lower material costs. The operator can switch AdjustLine on or off at any time – programming is not required.



    PierceLine monitors and controls the piercing process. This saves material and preserves the machine, increasing part quality and shortening the piercing time by up to 80%

    Process interlinking and operator support


    With Drop&Cut, the remainder sheet is utilized more easily, intuitively, and efficiently. A camera ensures the live image of the machine interior appears directly on your user interface. You can position any number of part geometries on the remainder sheet. This saves time during the post-production of individual parts. Time-consuming process steps such as aligning the sheet, sheet position measurement or zero point displacement are not needed.

    TruTops Boost

    Construct and program your laser, punching, and combined punch laser machines intelligently with TruTops Boost, your all-in-one 3D solution. Numerous automated processes save you time-consuming routine processes and the joint nesting pool saves time and material. You also always have an overview of all manufacturing orders and order-based work.

    TruTops Monitor

    Reduce your idle time. Record and analyze machine data, including idle states, error messages, causes of malfunctions, and maintenance periods for all of your production workplaces. If an idle state or a malfunction occurs, TruTops Monitor will inform you immediately about the cause, allowing you to respond quickly.


    The extensive range of TruTops software supports you throughout the entire production process. Control your operational workflow in a simple and targeted manner, from managing your customer orders and purchasing processes to delivery of the produced parts. Through the direct coupling with the machine control, you can keep a constant eye on the status of your orders.

    This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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