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XTREME laser cutting: TruLaser 3080 fiber

Want to improve your cutting for longer sheets? Use the TruLaser 3080 fiber to process sheets up to eight meters long in all sheet thicknesses with versatility. Benefit from the high productivity ensured by the dream team of the TruDisk 12001 laser and a fully adaptive lens system. BrightLine fiber ensures high cutting quality in thick sheet metal, while CoolLine cools your parts, making intricate geometries possible, even with high laser power. XTREME laser cutting can also be automated with Starmatik loading and unloading units to round off your system.

Cut sheets up to 8 meters in length
Great productivity for thin and thick sheets
Top cutting quality thanks to BrightLine fiber
Safe cutting with high laser power

XXL power: All the power required to laser cut oversize sheets

Why not make XTREME laser cutting easier on yourself?

Find out more about the TruLaser 3060 fiber and TruLaser 3080 fiber on the product page.

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