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Fully connected – With TRUMPF to get to the Smart Factory | TRUMPF
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Fully connected: from the order to delivery and beyond

We are your partner for planning and implementing a turnkey Smart Factory. With an integrated system, you will get the most out of your production. We ensure optimal interaction between machines, automation and software components. This enables continuous flows into your production facility, increases productivity and allows you to react flexibly to new customer requirements. In addition, our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) continuously documents all relevant production data to ensure the best possible transparency in a smart factory. Other apps can then be used to quickly exploit further optimization potential.

Colleagues in front of a miniature model of production

"Customers are confident in our production capabilities."

"Our investment has therefore paid off, even though we are only just at the start of our journey into Industry 4.0."

"Our investment has therefore paid off, even though we are only just at the start of our journey into Industry 4.0."

Modules for your Smart Factory

Our TruConnect solutions enable you to implement your Smart Factory step by step. No two paths are the same so TruConnect enables individual components to be combined to create individualized solutions. Modular solutions from TRUMPF support you and help to give your processes greater transparency, flexibility and, most importantly, economy. To achieve this, TruConnect experts work with you to develop the optimal Industry 4.0 package for your needs. The package includes machines and automation components, appropriate software for preparing quotations, programming and control, as well as our consulting and implementation services.

In full flow: What fully connected production looks like

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Intelligent connection of production components creates an integrated whole comprising all subsystems, from machines and automation through to suppliers and customers. Smart material flows with automated parts localization increases the productivity of every machine. Behind it all is an integrated storage and logistics system that brings raw materials and parts to the right processing station at the right time. The machines report their production status to the main TRUMPF software system from where orders can be monitored and production automatically planned, controlled, analyzed and optimized.

What our consultants say

Portrait Dominique Hensel

"In order to be able to identify all potential for optimization, data is bundled and analyzed using software solutions. This allows you to bring continuous flow to your production."

Dominique Hensel
Smart Factory Consultant

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