Clear analysis by means of highest temperatures

Inductively coupled plasma (IPC) with coil

Methods involving inductively coupled plasma (ICP) are used in mass spectrometers to quantitatively determine multiple elements in various liquid and organic matrices. ICP permits simultaneous determination of almost all elements of the periodic system and their isotopes. The main advantage of this technology is the low limit of detection and the small sample amount required.
To the application areas belong amongst others the cleaning of silicon, melting of metal and ceramics (e.g. for deposition of surfaces) and the use in mass spectrometers. Usually argon is used as the reaction gas with these plasmas. An ICP argon plasma can reach temperatures of up to 8,000 Kelvin. After the spark of a Tesla coil has ionized the gas, the resulting high frequency field immediately accelerates the free electrons. These transmit energy to the entire volume of gas through collision with the atoms.

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