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A decision maker with pioneering spirit

Not too long ago, Andreas Schumacher was still sitting in the lecture theater. Now he is developing software for Industry 4.0 for TRUMPF. His recipe for success: Just immerse yourself.


An eye on everything

As a sales engineer, Julian Berkmann must have a grip on everything. Every day, he ensures that it is not just his own projects that are running reliably, but also many thousand vehicles.


Work processes 4.0

Fabian Brechlin's mission at TRUMPF is to develop the workplace of the future – and in such a way that all employees around the world can benefit.


A man of the world

Jie Xia carries out his work of installing machines at a different place in the world almost every day.


Turning a passion into a profession

Stefanie Epple optimizes machines at TRUMPF. It is a task she is passionate about – not least because it involves her personal interests, too.

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    TRUMPF in figures


    (mil. euros)


    Employees as of June 30, 2018


    Research and Development
    (mil. euros)

    At 9.5%, we have a very high development ratio relative to our sales.

    Potential areas of application

    Visual Elektronik

    "Join us in pushing the boundaries of what is feasible within semi-conductor manufacturing. Come work with us on our complex CO2 laser systems for EUV lithography."

    TRUMPF Lasersystems for Semiconductor Manufacturing
    TRUMPF employees talking in front of a TruPrint machine

    Additive manufacturing is a process, the most important ingredients of which are a laser and a mysterious material which is neither solid nor liquid – fine metal powder! At TRUMPF you can play an active part in shaping the future of 3D printing.

    Additive manufacturing
    TRUMPF employees from the software development department in a SCRUM meeting

    In the software development department at TRUMPF, you work with several hundred colleagues in agile teams to provide our customers with optimal support in adding value to their production and also to help pave their way towards Industry 4.0.

    Software development
    Charts showing TRUMPF annual year figures

    In the controlling department at TRUMPF, you are not only creating the necessary transparency for controlling according to uniform, commercial standards – you also work together with all departments and support them in the sensible management of the area according to figures.

    TRUMPF employees at the research and development department talking about a project

    As an engineer in Research and Development at TRUMPF, you can bring small and large innovations to life with openness and a pioneering spirit – and in doing so, sometimes even create something revolutionary.

    Research and Development
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