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No society operates in a vacuum: In particular our role as a family company means that we need to play our part in society: This underpins our belief that companies need to take responsibility and actively put our system of shared values into practice. This creative drive is reflected in both internal and external relations at our company: We have defined a global, uniform code of conduct for all of our employees and take part in a wide variety of sociopolitical and academic projects and initiatives. We plan for the long term and are actively involved in shaping the conditions within which our company operates.

Political discourse

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TRUMPF seeks to engage with political decision makers and interest groups. For example, our managers and our executive team are actively involved in study groups, networks and associations, helping to develop future subjects such as the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. In numerous local, national and international committees, we are working to further understand the needs of our sector and to improve the exchange of ideas between business and politics.

Networks and committees

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We advocate our business positions within memberships of interest groups and so are actively involved in shaping sociopolitical, economic and scientific conditions. We encourage our employees to build networks and to become involved in professional associations or study groups for the long term.


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Our involvement in social projects is guided by the particular social needs in the regions where TRUMPF is active. We explicitly encourage our employees to engage at a social level and create an environment in which employees can engage personally. Regionally, employees of our subsidiaries apply themselves to the needs of their location. Furthermore, TRUMPF works in partnership with organisations for people with disabilities and with other social institutions.

In this way, TRUMPF takes responsibility in and for society


Since 2017 TRUMPF has supported the initiative JOBLINGE to help with the integration of young asylum seekers. Under the heading "JOBLINGE meets TRUMPF – together for diversity", the company offers a three-day practical training course. During various modules, the young people get to know TRUMPF and find out useful information on the work culture in Germany. The young people also receive training on how to apply for jobs. Numerous employees support the project by participating in the individual modules.


Compliance at TRUMPF

In line with our fundamental values, we comply with the law in all countries in which we operate. For TRUMPF, compliance is a core value, fundamental to our reputation, and therefore is much more than just the fulfillment of regulations. To ensure these values are upheld in the same way throughout the Group, we have established a comprehensive Compliance Management System. We therefore aim to sensitize all TRUMPF employees and to empower them to act with integrity.  

Disaster and crisis response

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We provide help wherever TRUMPF sites or employees are affected by disasters. For instance, we support regional aid organizations by donating money, by providing employees to help with disaster recovery and by supplying free devices and tools.

Donations and sponsoring

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TRUMPF places great value on (financially) supporting meaningful projects and institutions in society. Donations and sponsorships are therefore important measures for us. We provide support for relevant specialist and future subjects that are closely linked to our company business and are in line with our vision and values.

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Compliance at TRUMPF

As a global company, we at TRUMPF believe that long-term business success is intrinsically linked with our company culture. Compliance instrumentally shapes our culture and guides our daily work. This is why TRUMPF has established a comprehensive Compliance Management System which is constantly being further developed.

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Social involvement is part of the culture of our family company. We want to enable others to share in our economic success and add value to society. We offer support either financially or with memberships, ideas, knowledge and time.

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As a longstanding established company, TRUMPF sees it as part of its corporate responsibility to handle resources carefully. Find out more about our goals and initiatives in the area of climate protection, energy efficiency and mobility.

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