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Culture is part of our culture. As a family company, we want to promote cultural and art projects to help create an inspiring overall environment for innovations. In doing so, we make our locations more attractive – both for our employees and the general public. Our engagement also means that we are safeguarding cultural treasures for the next generation.

Exhibits and museums

Exhibits and museums

TRUMPF promotes selected cultural institutions and creative artists in the regions in which we are active. These include, for example, the Landesmuseum Württemberg, the Lindenmuseum Stuttgart, the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, die Staatsgalerie (State Gallery) in Stuttgart and the Ars Electronica in Linz.

These cultural projects are supported by TRUMPF

Vertigo. Op Art and kinetic art.

The exhibition in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart features pictures, reliefs, objects and interactive room installations. Instead of brush and paint, the artists use industrially manufactured materials. Their works come from a scientific interest in the physical laws of optics and the psychology of perception.. The alliance between art and technology fits the self-image of TRUMPF, the product world and many customers.

Ars Electronica

The Ars Electronica is a festival that combines art, technology and society. It takes place every year in the Upper Austrian city of Linz. TRUMPF in Pasching, Upper Austria, is a promoter of the initiative as it helps to make industrial developments in automation and control accessible to the wider public in an artistic way.

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Society and politics

No company operates in a vacuum. It is in particular our role as a family company that means we need to play our part in society. This underpins our belief that companies need to take responsibility for our system of shared values and actively put it into practice.

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As a high-tech company, TRUMPF thrives on fresh ideas and impetus. A high-quality education is thus the basis for innovative thinking, as it acts as a catalyst for social and economic progress.

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The expertise and dedication of our employees are essential to our business success. That's why providing the conditions for employees to perform well is important to us. This includes ongoing training of our employees, a positive work environment and corresponding remuneration.

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