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As a high-tech company, TRUMPF lives from new ideas and impulses. The catalyst for this: education. With our commitment to developing future talent, training and research, we want to work together with our partners to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and a fascination for technology, business and digitalisation, helping to prepare our sector for a strong future.

Higher education support

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We support subject-related higher education and training institutions financially and by providing teaching and training input. We hold lectures at higher education establishments, providing hands-on training in future technologies. TRUMPF offers industry-sponsored doctorates and trainee programmes for qualified academics. In addition, we promote next-generation projects at institutions and associations, for example by financing scholarships. TRUMPF also collaborates with institutes and industry partners in national and European support programs to work on the issues of the future, such as electromobility, Industry 4.0 or artificial intelligence.

Supporting up-and-coming talent

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TRUMPF initiates and supports training projects in various types of school and for different age groups. Because education is the foundation for innovations. And what would companies be without innovations? We run these projects internationally at numerous TRUMPF sites and, in the best case scenarios, we are able to encourage other companies to get involved as well.

Educational partnerships according to school type

This is the distribution of the 99 partnerships across our training locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in detail.

  • Primary level

  • Secondary level I

  • Secondary level II

This is the distribution of the 99 partnerships across our training locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in detail.

TRUMPF is involved in these educational projects and initiatives

"Wissensfabrik" initiative

TRUMPF is a founding member of the initiative "Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V." (Knowledge Factory – Companies for Germany). Through this social commitment, TRUMPF aims to arouse people's interest in engineering and entrepreneurship and pass on the experience gained by an innovative family company in Germany.


In the context of digitalization, it is becoming increasingly important to interest children at school age in the subject of IT. One of the aims of the project IT2School is to arouse interest in IT careers as early as possible and to ensure that specialists are trained up in this field for the future. IT2School is a German project that was initiated by "Wissensfabrik" and is run in collaboration with TRUMPF and various schools. At IT2School, students (m/f/d) in years four to ten are introduced to information technologies from daily life, helping them to understand and design them. The aim is to help children explore the basic themes of IT such as communication, data, programming language and the interaction of hardware and software in a playful context.


TRUMPF supports the start-up competition for innovative and technology-oriented start-ups in Germany. WECONOMY searches for business ideas which could disrupt the affected sector with the right technical expertise and a good business model. The winners are given the opportunity to present their start-up idea to high-ranking business representatives and to share ideas and feedback with these as part of a one-year sponsorship programme. With its involvement, TRUMPF wants to promote an entrepreneurial spirit and to strengthen the competitiveness of the local economy over the long term.

"Jugend forscht" youth research competition

As a high-tech company, TRUMPF is particularly interested in helping develop young people and their interest in STEM subjects and to ensure they achieve a consistently high level of education. Projects such as "Jugend forscht" aim to help students (m/f/d) work independently and grow in their enthusiasm for corresponding subjects. This enthusiasm should also be utilized to guide project participants in their career choices. They are assisted in this by a teacher from the school and by a team of TRUMPF experts in German-speaking countries.

Tru2Future holiday academy

With the Tru2Future holiday academy, TRUMPF is looking to encourage the interest of young people in Germany in electronics, programming and digitalization subjects. Students (f/m/d) in years 8, 9 and 10 come for a week of their holidays to TRUMPF and fit electronics in a 3D-printed dice. This involves soldering at a practical level as well as examining and understanding the theory behind electric circuits. The play-based approach suitably engages the different ages and competence levels, ensuring that no-one is bored. Some participants later return to TRUMPF as part of a student internship or a trainee or apprenticeship scheme.

KiTec training project

Children are fascinated by how technology works and try to understand this from an early age. At TRUMPF, we want to satisfy this thirst for knowledge in children at an early preschool age by means of the KiTec project initiated by the "Knowledge Factory" (Wissensfabrik) in cooperation with various day care centers and elementary schools in Germany. The project is designed to help young children act as "explorers", finding their own solutions for various problems and growing in their interest in how technology works. As well as promoting creativity in children, KiTec is designed to help them develop a positive self-confidence in their own technical capabilities.

CCAP training program

Due to exploding student fees in the USA which make it difficult for many young people to access decent further education, the training programme of our US subsidiary provides a good opportunity. The programme meets the quality requirements of CCAP (Connecticut Credit Assessment Program). Specifically, this means that in addition to their diploma, the graduates also receive approximately 40 free college credits. This means that they will have already completed a large part of the Associate Degree.

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The expertise and dedication of our employees are essential to our business success. That's why providing the conditions for employees to perform well is important to us. This includes ongoing training of our employees, a positive work environment and corresponding remuneration.

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Social involvement is part of the culture of our family company. We want to enable others to share in our economic success and add value to society. We offer support either financially or with memberships, ideas, knowledge and time.

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