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TRUMPF Venture

Shaping the industry of the future together!

TRUMPF is synonymous with innovation. We are driven by our enthusiasm for technical excellence that creates added value for our customers. With a pioneering spirit, we promote developments that alter or challenge existing business models. This is how we shape concepts such as Industry 4.0 from the very start and provide key impetus. As a corporate venture capital investor, TRUMPF Venture GmbH supports promising start-ups that wish to play a key role in shaping the industry of the future and allow them access to the world of TRUMPF.


About us

As the corporate venture capital unit of TRUMPF, we are both a strategic partner and a venture capital investor. With our extensive network, our many years of experience in industrial production and our in-depth technology expertise, we help innovative company founders to get started in the market and to grow. As such, we are the ideal choice for future-oriented start-ups who are looking for a strong partner who has a long-term mindset. In addition, we network and identify win-win constellations – be it with TRUMPF as an investor, customer, development partner, or in a close cooperation.

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Investment strategy

We invest internationally in young and ambitious companies and entrepreneurs who are aiming to implement trail-blazing innovations, helping them do this with our expertise. We typically contribute 0.5 - 4 million euros initially and view ourselves as a solid partner and active investor for successful portfolio companies throughout future investment rounds. In addition to a strategic fit, a risk-adjusted return on the capital provided is also important to us. To that effect TRUMPF Venture strives for a minority interest between 5% and 25%, which enables start-ups to develop and, in cooperation with TRUMPF, grow to be successful.

Businesswoman explaining strategy to colleagues while writing on glass at IT company

Who we are looking for

As a corporate VC, we aim to add strategic additional value to a financial investment. The condition for an investment is a technology-based and innovative business model distinguished by its unique selling point, preferably with initial sales. Other decisive factors are an experienced management team, scalability as well as sustainable growth and appreciation potential with the investment.

We focus on start-ups that will help shape the industry of the future in the following technological areas:

Our search fields

Photonics & Laser Technology
  • New Laser Concepts
  • Optical Systems
  • Optical Computation & Communication
  • Medical Application
  • Vision Improvement
Manufacturing Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Materials
Sensors & Automation
  • Sensor Systems
  • LiDAR
  • Factory Assistance Systems
  • AR/VR
  • Robotics
  • Logistics
Connectivity & Compute
  • Connectivity / IIoT
  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Electronics
  • New Computing
Industrial Software Systems
  • Industrial business platforms
  • Industrial enterprise software
  • Renewable energy
  • Circular economy
  • Blue economy

Our portfolio


Scrona AG is a developer and manufacturer of ultra-high resolution multi-nozzle print heads. NanoDrip™ printing from Scrona is a platform technology with potential applications in a variety of markets (for example, novel display technologies, printed electronics, progressive semiconductor packaging). The technology works with high ink viscosities >1,000 cps and can process several materials with the same print heads.


The quantum technology start-up kiutra develops cooling systems with ultra-low temperatures, based on an innovative magnetic cooling procedure without the need for expensive and rare liquefied gases. Such cooling systems play a particularly important role in the research and development of quantum technologies.

Ascent Elements Logo
Ascent Elements

Ascent Elements operates the most efficient recycling procedure for lithium-ion batteries worldwide. As a vertically integrated company for recycling, finishing and material technology, Ascent Element  directly processes used batteries and production waste to create new battery-capable cathode active material with a significant reduction in costs, emissions and power input.


Carbice Corporation produces multi-functional materials made of Carbice® carbon which sets the standard for performance, reliability and minimum costs for electronic, energy and industry products which are important all over the world. Carbice® Carbon technology provides the only thermal interface solution on the market which makes it possible to easily produce thermal management and to operate with it, as well as implement it as a substitute for existing solutions.


NNAISENSE develops adaptable neuronal network solutions for intelligent automation and measuring variables which are beyond human perception. Thanks to its many years of far-reaching AI/ML expertise, the NNAISENSE team implements this state-of-the-art technology in supervision, modeling and industrial process control.

L7 Defense

L7 Defense has developed a "Next-Generation Web Application Firewall" to increase the security of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which actively protects modern API-based IT architectures from a whole range of intelligent cyber attacks. Their cyber defense platform Ammune™ utilizes an innovative AI-based approach of unsupervised machine learning.

Cyr3con - Divested 12/2021

CYR3CON™ has developed an AI software for accurately predicting future hacker attacks. Thanks to this technical innovation, CYR3CON™ is blazing new trails for predicting security vulnerabilities in IT systems. Customers use an SaaS platform provided by CYR3CON™ in order to prevent unauthorized data access and hacker attacks and the ensuing damage.


Resistell is developing a new procedure for the detection of reliable antibiotics. During this procedure, tiny light sensors measure the reactions of living microbes to antibiotics without the need to breed them artificially and to invest a considerable amount of time. This ensures that patients receive the correct medication very quickly.


Peers Solutions developed a cloud-based software platform to support industrial companies in managing their personnel training from start to finish. The software system identifies personnel training needs. It then uses artificial intelligence to create individualized learning paths based on modules from external providers, and includes continuous monitoring of learning progress and costs.


Eyeware is developing a 3D gaze-tracking software, which makes gaze-tracking using just 3D cameras and no glasses, possible. Eyeware's software records the interactions, attention, and interests of users, thereby closing the gap when it comes to the multi-modal human-machine interface for future applications.

RSP Systems

RSP Systems is developing blood glucose monitors that use a laser pulse instead of needles. The technology is already being used as a prototype in Odense University Hospital to verify the accuracy of the measurements. As such, RSP Systems is one of the first companies to offer a non-invasive blood glucose monitor on the market.


3YOURMIND offers software platforms for optimizing 3D printing processes for companies and service providers. The digital workflows connect teams and production sites, optimize machine utilization rates and enable better decisions.


XARION Laser Acoustics has developed a unique sensor system, based on a new optical measuring principle: the influence of an acoustic pressure wave on the wavelength of light. This enables new applications, for example in the area of process control, acoustic measuring, as well as non-destructive testing.

Our team

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