TRUMPF Inc's response to COVID-19

Our response to the spread of the Coronavirus in North America

Update March 27, 2020

Over the past week, we have seen numerous US-states issue Executive Orders for lockdowns or CDC travel advisories to keep Americans protected from the continued spread of the Coronavirus. In spite of these restrictions, TRUMPF Inc. continues to operate under state manufacturing exemptions and we remain as committed as ever to supporting our customers in North America.

In the current environment, we are guided by our responsibility to our employees and our customers who rely on TRUMPF to maintain their critical operations.

We have taken the following steps to protect our employees, customers and partners while:

  • We are following the hygiene, social distancing and cleaning recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • We are following the travel recommendations of the CDC – this also applies to our field service technicians.
  • Our field service technicians are performing their work in accordance with the TRUMPF guidelines for social distancing during the repair or installation at customer sites.
  • We have established a two-shift operation for all necessary onsite personnel in production, applications, spare parts, warehouses, shipping and receiving that avoids contact between the two shifts.
  • We are limiting access to our facilities in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • All employees who can work remotely are doing so.

The TRUMPF training center in Farmington, CT has suspended all face-to-face events and, where possible, is offering virtual training for customers. Please contact the training center for additional information on which courses are available.



At TRUMPF Inc. we have been closely following the developments surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 in North America.
The rapidly evolving situation has caused many businesses and organizations to take continued preventive measures to protect their customers, business partners and employees from the spreading virus.
At TRUMPF we implemented measures as early as January to ensure we were prepared to take necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus. We are working diligently to protect the TRUMPF community while ensuring that we remain in a position to support you, our customers, during this difficult time.
At our facilities, we have implemented a higher hygiene regiment, so our employees and our visitors feel safe at TRUMPF. We have made difficult decisions to withdraw from trade shows to protect the communities we operate within. 
We are continuously informing our employees of best practices to protect themselves and those they come in contact with from the potential spread of the virus. We ask for your understanding that we have instructed employees to adopt a social distancing policy that does not permit shaking hands.
In addition to our field service technicians, we have a team of 40 in-house service technicians who are set up well to support you remotely. They are helping customers via the phone using remote diagnostics tools and even smart glasses. With over 500 smart glasses in use, now is the time to make use of this resource as much as possible.
The health and wellbeing of our customers, partners and employees are of the utmost importance to us. We appreciate your support and understand that your TRUMPF experience may feel different during this time but rest assured that we are as dedicated to your success as ever! We will do everything in our power to support your manufacturing operations as we navigate this situation together.
We will continue to monitor the situation and will respond according to further recommendations made by the CDC and WHO.
Thank you for putting your confidence in TRUMPF.

+++ Update: March 13 +++

TRUMPF set up various crisis teams as early as January, immediately after the spread of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) became known. Central, local and specialized crisis teams are working together to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus.

Business trips to the Level 3 countries as defined by the Center for Disease Control are being evaluated.

Meetings should, as much as possible, be held via virtual channels. This also applies to discussions with business partners.


Supply chains and logistics
Our central purchasing department continuously evaluates the worldwide supply chains in order to identify supply bottlenecks in time. TRUMPF has a high percentage of suppliers with production facilities in Europe, the US and only a few parts are delivered from China. At present, we do not expect any acute supply bottlenecks in the short term.


TRUMPF in China
On February 10 and 12, TRUMPF resumed production following the official end of the New Year's holidays, extended by the authorities. Despite the difficult circumstances, the colleagues in China have already reached more than 90 percent of the normal production capacity. 

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