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Educational Panels

Wednesday, 07. November

8:00 Room: B313

A Guideline to Metal AM - Processes, Design and Applications

Additive Manufacturing is much more than a buzzword, it is reality. With its capabilities and advantages as manufacturing process various industries are already using this technology as part of their business. This session will provide a broad overview of metal powder based laser processes, part geometries and materials, design for process and show application examples from the aerospace, energy, tool & die, automotive and medical industries. Franziska Maschowski - TRUMPF Inc.
8:00 Room: B406

Rethinking Sheet Metal Design to Reduce Costs and Improve Manufacturability

Sheet metal part design incorporates the effective use of all available manufacturing equipment, including laser cutting, punching and bending, and welding. Personnel that design, program and manufacture parts using these technologies must understand their machine capabilities and limitations. Currently this information is not taught at universities and can only be learned on the job. Designing parts without this knowledge impacts costs and prevents machines from being used to their full potential. Grant Hagedorn - TRUMPF Inc.
8:00 Room: B305

Essential Considerations for Laser Welding - From Component Design to Implementation

As the use of lasers become more widespread, designers and product engineers need to gain familiarity with not only the properties, advantages and applicability of the laser welding process, but also with how to design components, assemblies and systems for successful laser welding. Material selection, weld joint design, component part preparation, and part fixture are all critical to successful implementation. These topics are presented using multiple examples and case studies. David Havrilla - TRUMPF Inc.

Thursday, 08. November

11:00 room: B406

Bending Big: Large Tonnage Applications

The purpose of this presentation is discuss large tonnage and length bending. The presentation will discuss common difficulties with this type of application, such as: material handling, part quality, and machine planning. This presentation will also look into solutions and machine configurations to handle forming with large and heavy parts. Vincent Iozzo - TRUMPF Inc.
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