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Trade Show

TRUMPF at Photonics West 2018

January 27 – February 1

Welcome to TRUMPF at Photonics West 2018

TRUMPF will be exhibiting at the world's largest annual event for the photonics, laser, and biomedical optics industries. 

Our highlights

TruMicro 7380

This high-performance TruMicro 7380 nanosecond UV thin-disk laser delivers an impressive 400 Watts of short pulse 343 nm output with high pulse energies, even at high frequencies. The TruMicro 7380 is specifically optimized for line generator use in (OLED) laser lift-off, photo bleaching and semiconductor production applications where they open up enormous possibilities for the uniform activation of surfaces or particles.

TruMicro Serie 5000, Schnell und wirtschaftlich
TruMicro 5370

The 343 nm TruMicro 5370 sets a new standard for quick and cost-effective UV micro-machining of various polymers and brittle materials. These regenerative amplified thin-disk lasers deliver an optimal combination of quality, productivity, and profitability, with no limits in terms of industrial suitability. With 30 Watt average power and 75 μJ pulse energy, these picoseconds pulse width lasers impress with their exceptional beam quality, stability and reliability. 

Direct Diode Laser 2kW

The prototype direct diode boasts high brightness based on DWM (dense wavelength multiplexing).  The prototype is a 2 kW version with excellent beam quality of <5mm*mrad, ideal for precision welding, remote welding and cutting.  It has a small footprint of approximately 6.1 ft2 and energy efficiency of > 40%.  When available, the DWM product line will include all the standard OEM laser features including plug-n-play fibers, real-time power control, standard fieldbus interface options, built in heat exchanger, TruControl 1000 software for operation of PFOs and other smart optics & sensors along with Industry 4.0  to mention some of the many options.

Dira 200-5

With 40 mJ pulse energy, Dira 200-5 ultrafast lasers are based on mature, industry proven TRUMPF thin-disk laser technology. Dira lasers include custom-made laser control and monitoring of all laser system parameters using a simple and flexible interface designed for integration.  The sophisticated mechanical design produces best output beam quality and stability even at highest average powers and pulse energies.

Ergonomisches Maschinenkonzept der TruLaser Station 5005
TruLaser Station 5005 with TruMicro 2030

The compact laser machine, the TruLaser Station 5005 with TruMicro 2030 femtosecond laser offers you an affordable, yet full featured entry way into the world of uf laser micro-machining. Even small and medium-sized parts can be processed in an affordable and space-saving manner. The TruLaser Station 5005 takes up no more than 10.75 ft², including its integrated exhaust system. The degree of operator convenience, on the other hand, is great: the laser machine is available as a standing or seated work station, with powerful control software that is easy and intuitive to operate.

Conference Presentations

Sunday Jan. 284:00-4:30PMRoom 2024 (West Level 2)

Beam shaping and in-situ diagnostics for development of transparent materials processing

Monday Jan. 2910-10:20AMRoom 153 (North Exhibit Level)

Advanced welding of transparent materials by ultrashort laser pulses

Monday Jan. 291:00-1:20PMRoom 215 (South Mezzanine)

Forward development of high power diode lasers

Monday Jan. 292:40-3:00PMRoom 153 (North Exhibit Level)Advanced in-situ diagnostics of ultra short pulsed micromachining in glass
Monday Jan. 293:50-4:00PMRoom 215 (South Mezzanine)Next generation diode lasers with enhanced brightness
Monday Jan. 294:00-4:20PMRom 156 (North Exhibit Level)Material processing with fiber based ultrafast pulse delivery
Monday Jan. 294:20-4:40PMRoom 154 (North Exhibit Level)New generation of compact high power disk lasers
Monday Jan. 294:40-5:00PMRoom 154 (North Exhibit Level)TruMicro 7380: advancements in high-power UV nanosecond disk lasers
Tuesday Jan. 308:00-8:30AMRoom 155 (North Exhibit Level)Increasing the throughput in microprocessing with ultrafast lasers: an industrial perspective
Tuesday Jan. 309:20-9:40AMRoom 156 (North Exhibit Level)Glass cutting optimization with pump-probe microscopy and Bessel beam profiles
Tuesday Jan. 303:30-4:00PMRoom 215 (South Mezzanine)Advanced chip designs and novel cooling techniques for brightness scaling of industrial grade diode laser bars
Tuesday Jan. 306:00-8:00PMMoscone West Level 2 & 3Fiber laser platform for highest flexibility and reliability in industrial femtosecond micromachining: TruMicro Series 2000
Wednesday Jan. 313:50-4:10PMRoom 158 (North Exhibit Level)BrightLine weld-spatter reduced high speed welding with disk lasers
Wednesday Jan. 314:30-4:50PMRoom 158 (North Exhibit Level)New welding techniques and laser sources for battery welding
Thursday Feb. 110:40-11:05AMRoom 152 (North Exhibit Level)Anamorphic beam shaping for efficient laser homogenization: Methods and high power applications

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