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TruLaser 2030 fiber

High performance cutting in a compact layout

Best-in-class cutting technology in a compact, flexible layout fitting production demands.

These videos will take you through the TruLaser 2030 fiber from top to bottom

Introduction TruLaser 2030 fiber

Exceptional cut quality across the range of sheet thicknesses and no reduction in cutting speed with the TruDisk

Performing maintenance on the TruLaser 2030 fiber

Overview of the dust extraction and chiller systems

Replacing cutting nozzles by hand is a thing of the past: the automatic nozzle changer ensures this task in a fraction of the time.

Accomplish laser tech table changes at the machine without complex programming

Easily create microjoints to help avoid tip-ups with the intuitive touch control

A pallet changer increases productivity by allowing the operator to remove finished parts while the machine continues to cut. The only downtime between sheets is the time for the pallet exchange.

Collison protection keeps the machine safe from tilted parts

Easy and fast removal of cut scraps with the TruLaser 2030 fiber

Simple Operation

​​​​​​Intuitive control panel with touch control for easy setup and use. The control also features integrated shop floor programming, allowing users to easily design and programs parts right at the control.

Compact Layout

​​​​​​The machine features a very compact layout, making it ideal for tight spaces and floor space saving efforts.

Single Cutting Head Strategy

​​​​​You can cut all types of material and sheet thicknesses with the same cutting unit. No manual setup or different lenses required for a more cost-effective solution.

Collision Protection

​​​​​​Even if a collision occurs, the cutting head will remain undamaged as it deflects upon contact. The cutting head pivots to the starting position automatically - providing you with exceptional reliability and safety of your production processes. This reduces downtime and spare part costs are minimized.

Powerful and Fast

​​​​​​High cutting productivity and long-term reliability and success with the TruDisk 4001. TruDisk 4001 with BrightLine fiber further increases reliability and part quality.

Minimal Non-Productive Times

​​​​​Replacing cutting nozzles by hand is a thing of the past; with the automatic nozzle changer, your machine self-centers each nozzle in a fraction of the time. Nonproductive times are reduced and the process reliability is increased.

Here you can find all information related to the handling and installation of the TruLaser 2030 fiber. 

The TruLaser 2030 fiber is pre-configured with the TruDisk 4001, an automatic nozzle changer, fully automatic pallet changer, TruTops Boost software, standard warranty, and 2 seats of training. Below are a few of the highlights of this laser cutting system.

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User-friendliness & process reliability


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Does this machine come with software?

Yes, this machine comes with TruTops Boost software.


How do I get a freight quote?

We’d be happy to provide you a freight quote to your facility. The compact design of the TruLaser 2030 with TruDisk 4001 fits on one flatbed truck and would be estimated at $14,000 in freight costs for customers located on the West Coast. The TRUMPF Inc. Logistics Department can be reached at


What are the machine power requirements?

The rated voltage for the TruLaser 2030 at 50 Hz ± 1% is 400 V ± 10% and at 60 Hz ± 1% is 460 +10%-5%. A voltage stabilizer is required, otherwise a regulated isolating transformer can be used. The electrical supply is connected to the control cabinet on the machine at the connection point marked on the installation plan. More detailed information of the machine power requirements can be found in the Pre-Install Manual under Section 4.


What thickness does my foundation need to be?

The floor on which the TruLaser 2030 is installed must be flat, oil-proof and with a minimum thickness of 4in (100mm). Further specifics regarding measurement of floor flatness profile, expansion joints and weight load can be found in Section 2.3 of the Pre-Install Manual.


What types of gas are needed to operate the machine?

The TruLaser 2030 will cut with Oxygen (O2) at 3.5 purity and 99.95% by volume, Nitrogen (N2) at 5.0 purity and 99.999% by volume, and compressed air with 7-12 bar (100-175 psi). The compressed air supply must be equipped with a hand-operated 3/2 directional valve with air exhaust on the machine immediately in front of the machine. It is recommended that cutting gasses be ≤ 100 particles (for particles of ≤0.3µm; based on 2.83 l ^= 0.1 ft3). More detailed information can be found in the Installation Manual under Section 2.14 on Cutting Gases.


What is the warranty on the machine?

The machine comes with a standard one-year warranty. Additional years of warranty can be purchased.


What training is included with the purchase?

Purchase of the TruLaser 2030 fiber includes 2 seats of operator training, to be done online or at TRUMPF Inc., Farmington, CT.

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Further information on data protection at TRUMPF can be found in our privacy statement.

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