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TruMark Station 3000
Make your mark

TRUMPF quality marking for $39,900

Take advantage of our promotional pricing for a tabletop TruMark Station 3000 with a TruMark 5010 laser. Learn more about what's included in this offer.

TruMark Station 3000 with TruMark 5010


The TruMark Station 3000 is the compact marking station for small and medium batch sizes. With removable side transfer flaps, intuitive control, and a wide variety of options, it is convenient to use. When paired with the TruMark 5010, this turnkey solution offers high frequencies and adjustable pulse duration for demanding applications with high power requirements and short cycle times in a desktop solution.

Product demonstrations

Product overview

This laser and system combined together create an ideal marking machine for laser etching, laser engraving, laser ablation and laser annealing. The compact machine size makes it easy to integrate into production.

Laser engraving Stainless Steel

Black and white engraving on Stainless Steel. This process, sometimes referred to as laser scribing, is ideal for general purpose marking on tools and fixtures in job shops.

Laser marking plastics

This process shows the results of color changing by foaming of plastic.

Laser ablation of plastic film

The process of removing the black to reveal the white under-layer, resulting in a high contrast white mark.

Package benefits

TruMark open
Easy start up
  • Easy installation
  • No separate control unit for laser / system
  • No additional aux required
  • Small footprint to locate tabletop workstation
TruMark Station in use
Comfortable and ready to use
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Navigator: Automatic Parameter Search tool
  • Focus Finder: easy and simple visual Focus search
  • Motorized Z axis: easy and accurate height control
  • Internal Defocus for height difference compensation
  • Pilot laser
  • Automatic front door
  • Enclosure with Laser safety class 1

Suitable for various applications

Laser ablation

Laser ablation of thin layers from anodized aluminum


Annealing medical instruments

Day and night laser ablation

Laser ablation on Day/Night buttons

Laser foaming

Laser marked by foaming on automotive parts

Laser engraver

Laser etching on sensors


Marking by carbonization of plastic in household goods


Laser engraving of tooling components

Laser ablation

Laser ablation for labeling and customization of cosmetic containers

Technical data

Max. workpiece size in 16 x 8 x 14
Max. workpiece weight lbs 26
Travel, Z axis in 8
Travel speed, Z axis in/s 2
Electrical connection V, Hz, A 100 - 240, 50/60, 5.25 @ 100
Power consumption W <250 average, <480 max
Dimensions (WxHxD) in 25 x 32 x 26 door closed
25 x 43 x 29 door open
Weight lbs 225
Laser medium   Yb:Fiber
Wavelength nm 1062 ± 3
Pulse repetition frequency kHz 1- 200
Average laser power (beam source) W 18.5
Max. marking field size in2 4.3 x 4.3 @F160
Max. defocus in ± 0.4 @F160
Ambient temperature ºF 59 - 104


Optional items*
  • Workstation extension – standalone
  • Fume extraction system

*Delivery time and prices would apply for additional options. Please contact us for a quotation.

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