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Mark Daniel Ori


In Field Sales / Service since: 2019

Region: Eastern Europe

Km driven per year: approx. 65,000

Customers visited per year: approx. 230

65,000 kilometers per year – do you ever get homesick?

That does happen from time to time, sure. I talk to family and friends on the phone almost every night when I get to the hotel. There is always something to tell, so I never feel lonely.

How does it feel to be on the road so much?

I have the privilege of traveling to different countries. I commute between Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania – I sometimes even have an assignment in Greece. On the way, I enjoy the scenery. If I am making good time, I also stop for a few minutes at nice spots. I always eat at local restaurants and seek out conversation with people from the area to learn more about their worldview. For me, it is very enriching to be on the road so much.

Which adjective best describes your profession?

Varied. Not only in terms of the different countries and cultures, but above all in view of the different customers, machines and technologies that I encounter. This gives me an enormous amount; I feel like I’m developing professionally and personally almost every day.

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